If you’re a fan of preparing meals in the kitchen and love to have your tablet handy whenever you’re cooking, you’re going to be delighted at this upcoming announcement. iCookbook, a popular cooking app available on the Apple iPad and HP TouchPad is finally making its way over to the Android platform today. iCookbook has announced that it will be debuting its app on the Amazon Appstore, free for just one day.

Following in the footsteps of previously released apps like Angry Birds Rio, and Plants vs. Zombies – iCookbook will start off as an Amazon exclusive before it hits the Android Market or anywhere else. iCookbook is an app that does more than just give you recipes – it breaks down all the steps required into an easy to follow guide, and provides tools such as timers and unit convertors to aid you with the cooking process. With over 2,000 recipes available, you’ll never run out of recipes to try out.

iCookbook will be available free on the Amazon Appstore only for today; starting tomorrow its price will go back to being $4.99. So if you love cooking, own and Android device and you’re looking for a cooking app – why not give it a shot? It won’t cost a thing.

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