The Daily: Indexed

Apple and News Corp’s iPad-exclusive paper, The Daily just launched yesterday has an interesting feature that you probably don’t know about – subscribers and non-subscribers can view the web-based version of all its articles for free. The only problem is that Apple doesn’t provide users with a convenient way to access them. Andy Baio, a journalist/programmer decided to solve this problem – by creating a Tumblr account where he posts links to all the articles in The Daily every day. While technically this isn’t a crime (the content is available online for free anyway – all you have to do is look for it) The Daily probably aren’t too pleased about it. It will probably cost them a number of subscribers who don’t mind the inconvenience of visiting a site instead of having the news pushed to their iPads everyday. You can check out the aforementioned Tumblr page here and get your dose of The Daily, until Apple/News Corp decide to take any action (if they do).

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