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Windows Phone 8 Handsets Could Get Full HD (1080p) Support
Windows Phone 8 could boast of Full HD support soon.

First Full HD LCD smartphone panel in the world by LG Display
LG Display is back in the headlines with a first in the world where smartphone panels are concerned – we are talking about the Full HD LCD smartphone panel which has 5″ of viewing goodness for your eyeballs, resulting in what LG deems to be a “perfect cloud computing environment.” Obviously this 5″ Full HD LCD smartphone panel from LG is the highest resolution mobile panel to date in the […]

Sony VAIO SE and SA Series
As it was announced a month ago, today, Sony refreshed its Sony VAIO S Series lineup, with the addition of the full HD 15.5-inch model, the Sony VAIO SE, which aims at people who like to watch movies on their laptop.  Except for the larger screen size, the different storage capacity (500GB vs. 640GB), the battery life and the dedicated 10-key, the VAIO SE packs the same features as the […]

Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 unveiled
Looking to upgrade your original Samsung Galaxy Tab? Samsung has just officially revealed the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 at IFA, claiming that the Galaxy Tab 7.7 will be the world’s first mobile tablet that will be sporting a Super AMOLED Plus display.


ASUS To Release ProArt PA238Q Monitors For Professionals
The ASUS ProArt PA238Q monitors are monitors that ASUS claims have been designed for the professional user in mind. For regular consumers, monitors are just monitors and most just look for screen size when making a purchase. The slightly more tech-savvy consumer may look at other features such as refresh rate and screen response time, the faster the better. However when it comes to the professional, more advanced features will […]

HTC EVO 3D will not have Full HD video recording capability
We live in a high definition world these days, and there are plenty of Full HD devices running around out there, with the chief culprit being those huge flat screen TVs. Smartphones are not too far behind either in terms of capturing High Definition video, with most of them doing just 720p instead of 1080p that is found in Full HD – and the upcoming HTC EVO 3D is one […]

Sony Cyber-shot TX100V - 3D photo and OLED Touchscreen
[CES 2011] Sony is on a special mission to convert the masses to 3D, and to accomplish the task, what could be better than offering consumers the technology to produce their own 3D content? The TX100V is the top of the line of the new Cyber-shot cameras delivering 3D still image capture with only one lens and imager.  Additionally, it is the first Cyber-shot with a 3.5-inch (8.8 cm) OLED […]

Sony VAIO F Series: the Ultimate 3D Laptop
[CES 2011] The consumer electronics industry needs to sell more computing power to mainstream consumers who now own “good enough” devices; so, pushing 3D to all screens is a good strategy to convince people to upgrade. At CES, Sony unveiled its VAIO F Series laptop equipped with a 16.0″ Full HD 3D LED widescreen backlit display that works with the same active shutter glasses used with the Bravia 3D TV. […]

Mitsubishi Announces Full HD 3D TVs With Built-in HDD And Blu-ray Burner
3D TVs are increasingly popular, and Mitsubishi is aiming to take advantage of the growing trend by introducing 3D TVs that offer an integrated Blu-ray player/recorder and hard drive. While the concept is quite cool, they’re not cheap either as you can expect to pay $5,900, $4,700, and $3,500 for the 55-inch, 46-inch, and 40-inch models respectively and they will come bundled with a pair of 3D glasses. These TVs […]

Panasonic VIERA GT25 full HD 3D plasma TV announced
Panasonic has just announced that the VIERA full HD 3D plasma TV range will be expanded with the introduction of the Panasonic VIERA GT25 Series. This 42″ piece of consumer electronics will target those who want stereoscopic 3D viewing in their living rooms, where the TC-P42G25 is going for a relatively affordable $1699.95, while its larger sibling, the 50″ TC-P50GT25 is $400 more expensive. Expect to see both models hit […]

Samsung HMX-E10 offers full HD in a camcorder
Want to record your very own full HD home videos? That is now made possible thanks to the Samsung HMX-E10, where this 1080p pocket camcorder offers a 270-degree swiveling lens for you to capture digital memories from various angles, boasting a 1/3.2″ CMOS sensor as well as 30fps HD video recording capability. Not only that, you can also come up with some artistic renditions thanks to integrated effects such as […]

Panasonic HM-TA1 is a full HD mobile camcorder for those who lead active lifestyles
Cisco’s Flip camcorder has certainly allowed many people to capture their favorite memories in video format over the past few years in a simple manner, and Panasonic sees an opening in this market with the announcement of their new Panasonic HM-TA1 full HD mobile camcorder. Capable of shooting video in 1920 x 1080 pixels, it is ideal for on-the-go shooting opportunities while slipping into your pocket without much trouble thanks […]

AOC V27m 27-inch Full HD Monitor On Its Way
AOC Europe is planning to introduce a 27-inch LCD sometime next month it seems, and considering the popularity of high definition, it’s no surprise to see that this monitor, the AOC V27m, will support a maximum resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. The display itself is only 28mm thick, and offers a 5ms response time, dynamic contrast ratio of 60,000:1 and has built-in 2W speakers. Pricing information isn’t available just […]

Panasonic Twin-lens Full HD 3D Camcorder
[CES 2010] With the popularity of the 3D version of Avatar, a lot of people are going to be taking 3D movies more seriously now, and Panasonic looks like it’s in a good position to capitalize on that, thanks to its newly announced twin-lens full HD 3D camcorder. It sports twin-lenses (obviously) and dual memory card slots, allowing you to capture 3D footage immediately, without all the hassle of doing […]

Sonic To Release Full HD 3D Movies
As though full HD movies were not enough, Sonic is going to roll out full HD movies in 3D sometime in the near future using their CinemaNow service, although you will need to have Sonic’s software running on a Windows-powered computer, alongside a NVIDIA GPU that is used to decode the movie. In addition, you will need to ready a 3D Vision-Ready display (examples include the Samsung SyncMaster 2233RZ or […]

Shinoda Flexible Display
The Shinoda flexible display is unique as it is able to display High Definition video despite being curved. This is made possible courtesy of its underlying plasma tube (PTA) technology alongside the intricate stitching of panels together to form an almost seamless 3:2 display, making it possible to reach the 720p vertical resolution threshold despite being 2 meters tall. The Shinoda flexible display tips the scales at 16 pounds and […]

LG LH 80 Series LCD TV
LG has released its latest LH 80 series of LCD TVs that will come in 42″, 47″ and 55″ sizes, and these will be among the first few LCD TVs in Korea that will feature full HD wireless capability. These LCD panels are able to do so courtesy of the recently developed “Media Box” that comprises of the LCD TV tuner, HDMI hub and an USB port that allows you […]