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Sony Patent Describes Method Of Revitalizing Classic PS Games Through Streaming
It has been a while since Sony had purchased Gaikai, a cloud-based gaming service that many expected Sony to utilize as a means to stream PS3 games onto the PS4 or maybe even onto the PS Vita, but exactly how this will work out remains to be seen, especially considering that Sony has not shared much information yet on how they plan to truly utilize their recent acquisition. Well thanks […]

Gaikai PS4 Streaming Service Will Work With PS3 And PS Vita Too
Sony made it clear when it first unveiled the PlayStation 4 earlier this year that the new console will not be backwards compatible, meaning that gamers would not be able to pop in PS3 game discs into the console to play those titles. However, PS4 owners will be able to play PS3 games thanks to Sony’s Gaikai streaming service, which would allow gamers to stream PS3 titles from the cloud. […]

Sony PlayStation 4 Event Wrap-Up
The rumor mill has been having quite the time in regards to the next PlayStation. We’ve heard rumors of it being more powerful than the Xbox 360, rumors of its controller and other rumors revolving around its improvements with social media.We’ve been waiting for today’s announcement for weeks now, and the time has finally arrived where we are now learning what Sony has been planning for February 20. So, without […]

LG G2 Series HDTV gets OnLive Cloud Gaming
The LG G2 television just got Google Voice Search, but this is not the end of the story: if you are thinking of getting an LG G2 Series HDTV, there is yet one more thing to consider: out of the box Cloud Gaming with OnLive. Given that the LG G2 Series has an internal LG L9 dual core chip, it has more than enough processing power to run the OnLive […]


Wikipad gaming tablet gets Halloween release date at GameStop for $499
We have read about how Gaikai and the Wikipad team have collaborated to come up with what they call the Wikipad gaming tablet in the past, where additional specifications about it were also leaked, so here we are at the (hopefully) final destination where it belongs – at GameStop store shelves this coming Halloween for $499 a pop. Pre-orders for the Wikipad gaming tablet at GameStop commences from September 7th […]

Gaikai cloud gaming hits Samsung TVs as a closed beta
Before Sony acquired cloud-gaming company Gaikai, Samsung and Gaikai announced a partnership in which Gaikai would deliver its cloud gaming services through Samsung’s Smart TVs earlier in June. Samsung has continued onwards despite the purchase and has begun to offer closed betas of the cloud gaming on LED 7000 or newer models of connected HDTVs.

PlayStation Cloud : how Gaikai may change Sony Computer Entertainment forever
As you may have seen yesterday, Sony has acquired online gaming company Gaikai, which is specialized in executing games on powerful remote servers and streaming them to any types of clients, from thin set top boxes to tablets or computers. In the short term, this won’t do much more than making PC games accessible from a PS3, this acquisition will open a new world of possibilities for Sony.For example, you […]

Gaikai Online Gaming purchased by Sony
Sony has picked up Gaikai, touted to be the “world’s leading interactive cloud-based gaming company.” The asking price? Somewhere in the region of $380 million thereabouts, where this particular acquisition will see SCE use it as a platform to establish a new cloud service so that they are able to deliver truly innovative and immersive interactive entertainment experiences for their customers.Andrew House, President and Group CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment […]

New Samsung TVs Can Play In Gaikai's Cloud
While LG was demonstrating the cloud-gaming capabilities of its televisions with OnLive, Samsung announced a partnership with Gaikai, a competing cloud-gaming service that was recently featured in the NVIDIA keynote at the GTC conference when GeForce Grid was announced. The end-game is to provide Samsung TV customers with an integrated cloud-gaming client that is as capable of playing those games than today’s tablets. This means that any Samsung TV that can […]

Gaikai and Nvidia Team Up to Offer GeForce Grid; Cloud Gaming Service
The cloud-based gaming scene is about to get yet another contender with Gaikai backed up by Nvidia entering the fray. Gaikai which is the brainchild of gaming maestro David Perry will allow players to play games from either smartphones, tablets, desktop computers or even televisions as long as they are capable of streaming HD video with just a high-speed internet connection on a service called GeForce Grid. If all the […]

Gaikai and Wikipad Team Up For a Gaming Tablet
The Wikipad which first showed up at CES 2012 in January as an 8.1-inch gaming prototype tablet with a glasses-free 3D display now has shown up again. This time, Gaikai, the streaming game service has launched into a partnership with Wikipad to create what it calls an official “controller-enabled” tablet which is designed to work with an optional “gamepad” type attachment as picture above. This will effectively allow tablet-based gamers […]

Gaikai cloud-based gaming
Gaikai is currently in beta mode, but it is already capable of letting gamers have a go at a wide range of games and software for free, including Eve Online, Mario Kart, World of Warcraft and Photoshop – all you need is a browser as well as Flash support. Hmm, sounds like Quake Live in some aspects, eh? Well, without the need to install any software, we’re guessing that Gaikai […]