Sony-Cloud-Streaming-Classic-Game-PatentIt has been a while since Sony had purchased Gaikai, a cloud-based gaming service that many expected Sony to utilize as a means to stream PS3 games onto the PS4 or maybe even onto the PS Vita, but exactly how this will work out remains to be seen, especially considering that Sony has not shared much information yet on how they plan to truly utilize their recent acquisition. Well thanks to a patent filed by Sony back in 2012, it reveals the company’s plans on how they might potentially take advantage of Gaikai, which is to allow gamers to relive some classic PlayStation titles, but take advantage of the fact that the game is streaming to add new content or challenges to older titles.

According to the patent, “Finding new ways to play preexisting video games can increase the longevity of older games. Instead of replaying the same level or completing the same missions repeatedly, gamers often desire new challenges when replaying legacy games. In response to this need, game designers have begun to produce mini-games. Within a mini-game, the gamer can be instructed to complete new objectives or challenge their friends for high scores in a format that was not originally designed into the legacy game.” It certainly does sound like a good idea and we’re sure many gamers will be able to appreciate replaying older titles but with newer challenges, keeping things fresh, but at the same time allowing them to relive some memories.

However since this is only a patent, there’s no telling these are truly Sony’s plans for Gaikai as they could merely be one of the many ideas that Sony has had over the past couple of years. It could also be a way of Sony to protect potential ideas and for all we know, it could never see the light of day, but in the meantime what do you guys think? Does this sound like a great idea?

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