lg g2 onliveThe LG G2 television just got Google Voice Search, but this is not the end of the story: if you are thinking of getting an LG G2 Series HDTV, there is yet one more thing to consider: out of the box Cloud Gaming with OnLive. Given that the LG G2 Series has an internal LG L9 dual core chip, it has more than enough processing power to run the OnLive client and by now current LG G2 users should have received the over the air (OTA) update of the OnLive app by. Note that the OnLive wireless controller is an optional, but recommended accessory.

Once you subscribe to OnLive, you also have the option to play from your PC and many mobile devices where the OnLive app is available. The service also has features that let you be a spectator, which is always a good way to take a sneak peak at a game without being an active participant.

In the meantime, OnLive rival Gaikai (now owned by Sony) has partnered with Samsung, and you can expect it to show up in Sony BRAVIA TVs as well. Cloud gaming has been the object of tremendous hype, and has been often hailed as a next-gen console “killer” (which it is not, at least not yet).

Replacing consoles will be a long road, as there are difficult infrastructure and licensing problems to solve. Because of that, the viability of that business has yet to be proven, and OnLive is a prime example of this. Despite being the most successful on the market, it ran into financial troubles and had to go through major structural changes recently.

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