note_5_battThe Samsung Galaxy Note 5 comes with a 3,000mAh battery. This is a relatively decent sized battery but when you consider that it’s smaller than the Galaxy Note 4 which has a 3,220mAh battery, you’re probably a bit confused. After all wouldn’t the display and more powerful processor eat up more battery than before?

However as it turns out that is not the case. According to a report from PhoneArena who have conducted some tests, it turns out that despite the battery of the Galaxy Note 5 being slightly smaller than its predecessor, their tests found that the handset actually lasted about 30 minutes longer than the Galaxy Note 4.

That being said given its smaller battery, it also takes less time to charge at 81 minutes compared to the Note 4 which takes 95 minutes. They also found that the battery life of the Galaxy S6 Edge+ despite being the same size as the Galaxy Note 5, actually lasted longer than the latter.

Their tests found that the Galaxy S6 Edge+ lasted about 9 hours 29 minutes, versus the Galaxy Note 5 which lasted 9 hours 11 minutes. For a difference in 200mAh, this is actually pretty impressive and something to consider if battery life is a very big priority to you when it comes to choosing a new smartphone.

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