One of the main reasons Apple is suing Samsung is because they are claiming that the South Korean company is copying their products, which has resulted in pretty much a patent infringement war that spans several countries. With Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Player devices which is their answer to Apple’s iPod touch media player, a promotional image was spotted that seemed to look rather familiar.

As you can see in the photo above, the image used in the Samsung Galaxy Player promo actually belongs to the Maps application found on iOS devices, which was lifted from Laura Scott’s blog from back in 2008. This is not the first case where Apple products/images have been found in Samsung products or displays, and we’re not sure why Samsung has not replaced the image with something less patent infringement-ish.

However we tried searching for the image itself on Samsung’s website for its Galaxy Players and we could not find the offending image. With the ongoing legal battle between both companies, we’re guessing that Samsung does not need their rival using this as further evidence, although we’re guessing that Apple has probably already heard about this.

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