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Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 Android Jelly Bean Update Reportedly Delayed
Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 owners, if you’re planning on getting the highly anticipated Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean update, prepare to be disappointed because according to reports, it seems that the update will be delayed. Apparently Samsung is having some difficulty with the Exynos processor, but that seems a little odd considering that they were the ones who built it in the first place, but since Samsung has not officially made […]

Galaxy Tab 7.7 Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean Confirmed?
Sometimes, the head does not know what the hand is doing, and vice versa. Ever had that kind of experience before whenever you attempt to do something, but realize that your body does not seem to want to respond to the commands sent by the brain? Well, it must also be said that sometimes, the tongue is quicker than the brain, resulting in a potentially damaging situation in terms of […]

German court extends Galaxy Tab 7.7 injunction to encompass the E.U., but denies Apple's appeal to ban the Galaxy Tab 10.1N
Just a couple of days ago, the US appeals court upheld the ban of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Samsung’s ongoing legal battle with Apple. Well the good news is that if you’re living in Europe and the Galaxy Tab 10.1N (essentially the same as the Galaxy Tab 10.1 with some physical design changes) is a tablet you were planning on getting, the German courts have recently denied Apple’s […]

Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 with LTE headed to Verizon
[CES 2012] Last December, the entry for the Galaxy Tab 7.7 popped up in Verizon’s inventory listing suggesting that the tablet was headed in Big Red’s direction. Well, today at CES it has been officially confirmed. The 7.7″ Super AMOLED Plus (1280 x 800) display-toting tablet will be arriving on Verizon’s network and unsurprisingly it will be sporting 4G LTE radios as well as the ability to turn into a […]


Galaxy Tab 7.7 4G LTE headed to Verizon
The Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 was officially announced a couple of months ago, and while it’s already available for pre-order – we still don’t have an official date of when it will be arriving in the US yet. Now we still don’t have a date but at least we know which carrier will be selling it when it is released. According to leaked photographs of Verizon’s inventory listing it looks […]

Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 with Super AMOLED Plus display ready for pre-order as well
Fancy picking up the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7? Well, I would hope that you would know how to hold your horses – after all, Samsung is said to be raring to go when it comes to releasing the Galaxy Tab 7.7 in due time, where Samsung is in with a shout with their latest tablet device by potentially having it as the first tablet device in the world that will […]

Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 Wi-Fi arrives at the FCC
In warehouses all over the world, there are caches of the new range of Samsung Galaxy Tab devices waiting to be unleashed to the masses the moment the injunction which Apple filed against Samsung’s tablets are lifted by the courts. Good thing there is no such problem here in the US, and yet another Galaxy Tab model has arrived at the FCC – which signals an imminent release to the […]

Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 faces banhammer in Germany
Apple, the world’s most valuable company at times, must be pretty happy to hear that a Dusseldorf court in Germany has awarded Cupertino a preliminary injunction against Samsung’s latest Galaxy Tab offering – the Galaxy Tab 7.7 which was announced when IFA 2011 happened in – ironically, Germany. This meant that Samsung Electronics could not promote their new 7.7” tablet there, and the Galaxy Tab 7.7 has sadly been banned […]

Samsung: no plans to bring Galaxy Tab 7.7 and Galaxy Note 5.3 stateside?
Remember the sweet Super AMOLED display-toting Android devices unveiled by Samsung yesterday? Well we might not even get a chance to say hello to them over on this side of the Atlantic. It has been reported that the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 and Samsung Galaxy Note 5.3 might not be making their way over here – at least not anytime soon. The folks over at GottaBeMobile approached a Samsung spokesperson […]

Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 unveiled
Looking to upgrade your original Samsung Galaxy Tab? Samsung has just officially revealed the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 at IFA, claiming that the Galaxy Tab 7.7 will be the world’s first mobile tablet that will be sporting a Super AMOLED Plus display.

Galaxy Tab 7.7 spotted in the wild?
It’s only a few more days until Samsung’s Unpacked event at IFA 2011, but the internet is already rife with rumors about what Samsung will be revealing on that day. One of the products that have been discovered (through snooping around of the Unpacked app’s .APK file) is the new Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 that’s slightly larger than the original Galaxy Tab.

Samsung Galaxy Note, Wave 3, Galaxy Tab 7.7 revealed in Unpacked APK
Almost a week ago we posted a teaser video by Samsung that well, basically teased us as to what we can expect at IFA. Thanks to a curious Android developer who poked their nose around Samsung’s Unpacked app’s APK, we now know that Samsung has plans to unveil three new devices at IFA this year.