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Apple Adds Sound Library To GarageBand
Apple has rolled out an update for its popular GarageBand app today. The update adds a new Sound Library to the app which is basically a sound pack store. Users can download and install new virtual instruments and sound/loop packs from this store. There are eight new packs and instruments available initially and Apple has promised that it will add more to the store in the future.

Apple’s GarageBand Finally Gains Touch Bar Support
When Apple introduced Touch Bar to its late 2016 MacBook Pro laptops, you would have assumed that the company would have made all of its apps compatible with the feature ahead of launch. For the most part it has been that case, save for Apple’s music editing/creation app GarageBand, which for some reason was missing Touch Bar support.

iWork, iMovie, And GarageBand Apps Are Now Free For All Users
Apple has released updated versions of its iWork, iMovie, and GarageBand apps today for both macOS and iOS. Aside from some of the improvements that it has made to these apps, it has also made a big change rather quietly. The company has decided to make the aforementioned apps free for all macOS and iOS users. This eliminates the need to buy new Apple hardware to get these apps for […]

GarageBand Makes Its Way To China With Support For Local Instruments
GarageBand is Apple’s take on music recording software, or at least a more user-friendly option compared to more complex softwares like Logic Pro. Users can either plug directly into their computers or iOS devices and record into the app, or they can choose from digital instruments to help recreate the effects of a drum, guitar, or piano.


Apple Releases Music Memos App For Quick Capture Of Musical Ideas
What do you do when you have a great idea and you want to make sure that you don’t forget about it? In the old days, you’d probably scribble on a piece of paper but it’s much easier now, launch the note-taking app on your phone and punch it in. What if you have a musical idea, one that you’d actually like to record? You can’t use pen and paper for recording […]

GarageBand For OS X Update, Will Now Take Advantage Of Force Touch
Back in March, Apple launched their new 12-inch Retina MacBook and updated MacBook Pros and the one thing in common that the laptops have that Apple’s older MacBook lineup does not have is the new Force Touch trackpad. The good news is that if you love creating music on your laptop, Apple has recently updated GarageBand which will now be able to take advantage of Force Touch.The app has been […]

Apple Reportedly Acquires Audio Software Developer Camel Audio
Could Apple be thinking about stepping up their game in the audio software department, like with GarageBand and Logic Pro X? Perhaps, and there has been recent evidence to support the theory. Earlier this year audio software developer Camel Audio announced that they would be shutting down, but they did not specify why.However recent evidence has surfaced that seems to suggest that Apple could have acquired the company, thus leading […]

Apple Issues Updates For iPhoto, iMovie, GarageBand
Apple had announced yesterday that they would be releasing OS X 10.10 Yosemite and as it stands, it is currently available via the Mac App Store for those who wish to install the operating system. However it seems that together with the release of the latest build of OS X, Apple has also issued an update for their iLife suite.The iLife suite, for those unfamiliar, consists of apps such as […]