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Samsung Gear S2 Selling Twice As Many Units As Its Predecessor
In 2014, Samsung launched the Gear S smartwatch. It wasn’t exactly the most attractive piece of technology, but the curved display did make for a rather unique look. Samsung followed up with the Gear S2 a couple of months ago which sports a more traditional design with a round watch face, and it looks like their efforts are paying off.According to market watchers in South Korea, it seems that the […]

Samsung Gear S Wi-Fi Only Model Hits Japan
When it comes to the world of smartwatches, there definitely has been a fair number of improvements and strides made in this particular segment. After all, it is a growing niche market that might just explode eventually when the long awaited Apple Watch hits the market. Having said that, the Samsung Gear S Wi-Fi only smartwatch has been released over in Japan, making this a very, very different smart timepiece […]

Samsung Releases Gear S Experience App
Want to try out the Samsung Gear S smartwatch from the comfort of your couch? Samsung has just the thing for you. It has released a Gear S experience app which will provide you with an idea of how this 3G capable smartwatch functions. This isn’t the first app of its kind, in the past Samsung has released multiple “experience apps” to provide users with a glimpse of how its […]

Samsung Gear S Sells 10,000 Units In Its First Day In Korea
The Samsung Gear S is one of the company’s newer smartwatches. Unlike the Samsung Gear Live, the Gear S is powered by the Tizen platform as opposed to the Android Wear platform. Given that there are more apps on Android and developers can easily port apps over to Android Wear, one might think that customers would go with the Gear Live for its ecosystem.Well surprisingly it looks like form could […]


Samsung Gear S Available Now In The U.S.
Late last month Samsung confirmed that its 3G-capable smartwatch will be launching very soon in the U.S. The date officially announced by Samsung was November 7th and that’s precisely when this smartwatch was launched. Samsung Gear S is now available for purchase in the country through all of the four major carriers which includes Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile.

Samsung Gear S U.S. Release Confirmed For November 7th
If you’re a fan of Samsung’s wearable devices then you’re going to love the announcement that has been made today. The company’s 3G-capable smartwatch, Gear S, will soon be arriving in the country. Today the U.S. release date for Samsung Gear S has finally been confirmed. This smartwatch will be available for purchase through all four major U.S. carriers namely Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile.

Opera Mini Makes Its Way Onto The Samsung Gear S
If there is one reason as to why users might prefer phones with larger displays, it’s because it makes surfing the web a lot easier as more content can be easily displayed on the phone due to the phone having larger screen real estate. However if you don’t mind the idea of being able to surf the web on your smartwatch, the folks at Opera have you covered.Opera has recently […]

Samsung Gear S Arriving In The U.S. This Fall
Well, we have already spent a fair amount of time with Samsung’s recently revealed Gear S smartwatch earlier this month, and came away more than pleased with it. Bac then, there was no concrete information concerning a release date, but it seems that there is more definite information revealed today thanks to Samsung’s official statement. Samsung mentioned that the Samsung Gear S will arrive over to the U.S. later this […]

Diesel Black Gold Reveals Unique Samsung Gear S
When it comes to the world of smartwatches, South Korean consumer electronics giant Samsung currently holds the lead in the number of devices that are under their stable, and one of their more recent releases include the Samsung Gear S. Well, it looks like there is more than meets the eye where the Samsung Gear S is concerned, where Diesel Black Gold has partnered with Samsung to deliver a custom […]

Samsung Gear S Review: Hands-On
Wearables are the hot trend right now and 2014 will certainly be the year of the smartwatch at IFA  Samsung has already released an impressive number of Smartwatches in the past year, the original Samsung Gear was announced at IFA 2013, then we saw the Tizen-operated Gear 2, Gear 2 Neo and GearFit at Mobile World Congress and most recently, we reviewed the Samsung Gear Live that runs Android Wear right […]

Samsung Gear S Gets A Swarovski Crystal Makeover
Just yesterday we reported that LG and Swarovski had teamed up to offer a crystal-studded OLED TV. Well it looks like Swarovski has been pretty busy because they had also teamed up with the folks at Samsung by creating a blinged up version of the recently announced Samsung Gear S smartwatch.The smartwatch from Samsung was announced last week and we expect that we will most likely hear and see more […]

Samsung Gear S Makes Your Smart Wearable Experience Better
For those of you who love to jump aboard the bandwagon of whatever is the next big thing in the world of consumer electronics, then you will surely be pleased to hear that Samsung’s Gear S would definitely help enhance your smart wearable experience, and for the better to boot. After all, the Samsung Gear S does arrive with a beautiful curved design that is combined with 3G connectivity so […]