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APX Labs Enterprise Software for Smart Glasses and Myo Armband
APX Labs are the developer of the Skylight Platform, a software that companies use to create smart glasses applications. During a briefing at DreamForce conference, APX Labs CEO Brian Ballard showed me a demo of the integration of an application for maintenance powered by Sales Force and integrated with APX Labs software on Google Glass and the Myo gesture UI armband (see my photo in the full article and check […]

Microsoft Turns Gestures into Commands Using Audio Waves
It seems that the success of Microsoft’s Kinect has driven the company to branch out further into the gesture-related sciences given that one of its latest projects offers gesture control with just a computer’s speakers, a microphone and some inaudible sound waves. The project which has been dubbed SoundWave, utilizes the Doppler Effect which can apparently relate changes in sound frequency to movement and subsequently, detect gestures. If this reminds […]

Pantech Android phones to features Kinect-like gestures
We’ve covered the use of Kinect-like gestures being used on mobile devices in the past before but we still have yet to see them being used in phones on the market. Well the wait for such devices will finally come to an end this month. The folks over at Pantech will be introducing touchless gestures with its new Vega LTE line of phones that will hit the market in November […]

Evoluce TWO is one interactive display
Evoluce, the German display manufacturer known for its multi-touch + gesture displays has just announced the release of the Evolouce TWO. An improvement over the I-voluce, it still features a 46″ multi-touch LCD display, but this time it can detect over 60 simultaneous inputs, supporting up to four users at once. Just like the previous display, gesture detection is still around, utilizing the power of the Kinect sensor for users […]


iOS 5 AssistiveTouch gestures could replace hardware buttons
It looks like Apple could be taking steps towards a physical button-less future for its iOS devices. The folks at 9to5Mac recently discovered in the latest beta of iOS 5 (beta 3) an upgraded version of AssistiveTouch. This accessibility feature designed for people who have trouble accessing the iOS device’s hardware buttons, using multi-fingered gestures or even rotating the device lets users perform a lot of different moves through an […]

A cookbook app that won't get your iPad 2 greasy
The iPad 2 and tablets in general are very versatile devices, allowing users to pretty much use them for anything – from playing games to watching movies and reading books, as well as controlling your DVR. In addition to those regular “home” activities, some folks even bring their tablets to help them out in the kitchen. Sure it’s great that you can have access to all your favorite recipes while […]

Microscope relies on hand and finger gestures
Boffins over at the Institute for Molecular Medicine Finland (FIMM) have worked with Finnish company Multitouch to develop a new kind of microscope which ought to get owners of touchscreen-enabled phones excited – since this microscope is able to be controlled using hand and finger gestures. How does this work? Well, it requires the merger of two technologies, which is Web-based virtual microscopy and a huge multitouch display (as seen […]

WIN&I replaces your mouse with the Kinect sensor
In one of more useful ways to utilize the Microsoft Kinect gaming sensor, Evoluce, creators of the I-voluce (a motion controlled HD LCD TV) has released the some new software that will allow you to control your Windows 7 computer with hand gestures. All you have to do is install WIN&I on your Windows 7 PC, hook it up with a Kinect, learn the required gestures and you’re good to […]

Evoluce introduces gesture and multi-touch control displays
Evoluce, a German display manufacturer has just unveiled a new 46″ HD LCD TV that supports both multi-touch as well as gesture controls. Called the I-voluce, this 46″ HD LCD display packs integrated 3D sensors that can detect hand gestures that can be used to control the display like how one would use the Microsoft Kinect. Called WIN&I, the gesture software is compatible with Windows 7 and other applications that […]

NOX Audio Admiral Touch wireless headphones run Android
Adding to the list of devices running on Android, we have the NOX wireless headphones. Revealed at CES last week, NOX Audio’s Admiral Touch wireless headphones run on Android and feature a 2.4″ gesture aware touchscreen. Probably the first Android device of its kind, the Admiral Touch has WiFi capabilities, 7.1 surround sound, as well as support for pretty much anything that features a 3.5mm audio jack. With the device […]

Yantouch Jelly lamps help to set the mood of your room
[CES 2011] Remember the Yantouch JellyFish lamp reported back in 2009? Well at CES this year, the Taiwanese company has turned up at the event with even more awesome Jelly lamps on display. The JellyFish Black is a table lamp with a small touch panel that allows you to control its colors, brightness, and speed. The lamp displays up to 16 million colors so you know you’ll always be able […]

PrimeSense and Asus to Launch WAVI Xtion Gesture-Controlled User Interface
[CES 2011] PrimeSense is the company developing the hardware powering Kinnect, its Immersive Natural Interaction solutions, will be embedded in WAVI Xtion, a user interface developed by ASUS. WAVI Xtion is a media center software for the PC that allows users to interact with media content in the living room without the need of a controller. Using natural gestures, people can browse the internet, access media content and eventually play […]

Gesture-controlled Robot Arm
Gesture-driven robots aren’t something new, but the folks over at Japan’s Tsukuba University have come up with a robot arm that is rather impressive. This robot arm allows humans to control it by analyzing the movements of their hands and arms based on a video stream, after which the robot will mimic the movements in almost real-time. This setup is unique as the two cameras that it uses are capable […]

Gesture Cube offers touch-free gesture control
From single touch to multi-touch, manipulating a user interface or virtual object could soon be touch-free albeit relying on gestures, if the Gesture Cube is a good indication of the future. This new input device is able to detect one’s movements as well as distances in 3D space, resulting in touch-free gesture control courtesy of GestIC electric field sensing technology. Do you think that waving your hands in the air […]