[CES 2011] Remember the Yantouch JellyFish lamp reported back in 2009? Well at CES this year, the Taiwanese company has turned up at the event with even more awesome Jelly lamps on display. The JellyFish Black is a table lamp with a small touch panel that allows you to control its colors, brightness, and speed. The lamp displays up to 16 million colors so you know you’ll always be able to find a color to suit your mood. Easily change the feel of your room with this funky $100 lamp. Building on the success of the JellyFish Black, Yantouch have released another version of the lamp, called the JellyWash+, it is basically the same lamp but instead of using the touch panel to control the lamp, it uses gesture-based controls. It also features sounds to go with the lights, so if you want chirping birds or cricket effects to set the mood in your room, you can. The device can also function as an alarm clock, displaying the time on analog-style on its surface as well. But the JellyWash+ costs more than the JellyFish Black at $150 each. Watch a video of the lamp in action after the break:

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