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The iPad 2 and tablets in general are very versatile devices, allowing users to pretty much use them for anything – from playing games to watching movies and reading books, as well as controlling your DVR. In addition to those regular “home” activities, some folks even bring their tablets to help them out in the kitchen. Sure it’s great that you can have access to all your favorite recipes while in the kitchen, but what happens when your hands are covered with ingredients or just too dirty to touch your tablet without making a mess?

Well, Ruth Reichl has come up with a solution to the problem – an app that lets you flip its pages without touching the screen. How does it work? First thing that came to mind would have been voice commands, but this app takes it a step further – it detects your hand movements using the iPad 2’s front facing camera. That way you can easily turn the pages of the recipe book without having to stain the screen with food or leave it smelling like fish. Pretty ingenious if you ask me. The fact that it doesn’t use voice activation means that you’ll be able to sing at the top of your lungs while cooking and you won’t accidentally trigger any commands. Reichl’s app isn’t released yet, but stay tuned for more details and we’ll let you know when it does.

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