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Gigabyte BRIX Mini PC To Feature NVIDIA Graphics
Gigabyte continues to expand their range of mini PCs that come under the BRIX badge, where its latest model will feature an Intel Core i5 Haswell CPU alongside an NVIDiA GeForce graphics chipset. It will certainly be better than its predecessor, that’s for sure, and reportedly features a 2.8 GHz Intel Core i5-4200H processor and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760 graphics if one wants to get into the nitty gritty.

Gigabyte Brix Mini Desktop Packs Quite A Bite
You know what they say about some dogs – their bark is worse than their bite. As for the humble computer, there are times when you might look at a small computer chassis and wonder whether anything good will be able to come out of it. Just like how one ought not to judge a book by its cover, so too, would it be in the best interest of folks […]

Gigabyte Announces Aorus X7 Gaming Laptop
If you’ve ever built your own computer, Gigabyte is a name you’ve definitely come across several times. The company manufacturers a variety of components for computers, such as motherboards and graphic cards, just to name a few. Well it looks like Gigabyte wants to help you out with a gaming rig in a more direct way as the company has announced a gaming laptop of their own make called the […]

Gigabyte Announces BRIX Pro DIY PC Kit
[CES 2014] Being a hotbed for technology, CES is an event where plenty of action goes on each day as various companies try to vie for the attention of the attendees when it comes to the different hardware and concepts on display. Gigabyte is no different, as this company that churns out motherboards, graphics cards and PC systems have just announced the next generation Gigabyte BRIX Pro, where it happens […]


Gigabyte P35K Is An Extremely Light Gaming Laptop
A gaming laptop can be quite an oxymoron when you think about it. Since laptops are naturally not all that powerful as compared to a desktop, to have a gaming class laptop would mean bulking it up with the right processor as well as video graphics card, so that would in turn, affect the portability of the laptop. Gigabyte hopes to have run into a viable solution with what they […]

Gigabyte Brix 2 Introduced
Earlier this year, Gigabyte did announce the unveiling of the Gigabyte Brix, which happens to be a small desktop PC that looks so cute. The entire system was so tiny, it was roughly the size of a wedge of cheese, and it was originally designed to be an affordable and basic home theater PC. Well, we are glad to say that a sequel has arrived, and it will bring a […]

Gigabyte BRIX Mini PC Prototypes Shown Off
Gigabyte shows off their BRIX mini PC concepts at Computex 2013.

Gigabyte BRIX Packs Quite A Punch
The Gigabyte BRIX should have its competitors shitting bricks :)

Gigabyte U2142 Convertible Ultrabook Revealed
Earlier this year at CES 2013 in Las Vegas, Nevada, we managed to spot the Gigabyte U2142, and after a few months, it is finally available to the masses. The Gigabyte U2142 is a convertible Ultrabook that comes in a 11.6” form factor, where it boasts of a swiveling hinge that does bring back memories of Lenovo’s swiveling hinge for some of its ThinkPad models. This enables it to function […]

Gigabyte GP-S3000 Speakers Play Nice With USB 3.0
USB 3.0 peripherals are not exactly the easiest device to find, and neither are they the most popular with USB 2.0 still reigning in many places. Well, here is something that jives with the USB 3.0 standard which many of you would find it to be an essential device – none other than a pair of speakers, of course. Thanks to the good people over at Gigabyte, it has resulted […]

Gigabyte U2142 And U2442F Ultrabooks Unveiled At CES 2013
[CES 2013] Ultrabooks have no doubt gained a lot of traction in the past year or so, and if you’re in the market for a new Ultrabook, Gigabyte has announced the U2142 and U2442F Ultrabooks, with the former offering a hybrid setup, while the latter emphasizes more on performance. Kicking things off with the U2142, this Ultrabook will sport a swivel hinge which allows it to double up as a […]

Gigabyte Unveils S1082 And S1185 Windows 8 Tablets
[CES 2013] If you’re interested in picking up a new Windows 8 tablet, Gigabyte has announced two new tablets at CES 2013 – the S1185 designed for the average Joe, and the S1082 which has been designed for the not-so-average Joe, or rather the more business minded user. Starting with the S1185: this Windows 8 tablet will be powered by a 3rd generation Intel Core processor with a Full HD […]

Gigabyte shirt carries data around
You would have heard of the expression “wearing your heart on your sleeve”, but in the future, someone might actually ask you to wear your data. That puzzled look would soon make way for an acknowledgement in the future, as NASA scientists has discovered a method to transform fabrics into voluminous storage arrays. To put it in plain English, we are looking at a simple shirt being turned into a […]

Gigabyte Aivia Xenon does not look like a mouse at all
When you first lay your eyes on the Gigabyte Aivia Xenon, chances are, you would think that this might be some sort of weird looking remote control. Well, sad to break the news to you, but this is actually a mouse. Yes sir, the Gigabyte Aivia Xenon is the first dual mode touchpad mouse in the world from the company, where it boasts of Gigabyte Free Scrolling technology in addition […]