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Gold Nexus 6P Heads For Japan
One of the two Nexus handsets which were announced by Google earlier today was manufactured by Huawei, and that would be the larger sized Nexus 6P which comes in a surprisingly svelte form factor. Well, we do know that the Nexus 6P will be available to pre-order starting today in the US, UK, Ireland, and Japan, which is similar to that of the Nexus 5X that hails from LG. Leaked […]

Samsung Galaxy A5 Gets The Midas Touch
Just like how Thorin was enamored by all of the treasure stored within the hallowed hallways of Erebor, so too, were many other people who have nothing but an absolute penchant for gold – and all other precious things, of course. Well, the Samsung Galaxy A5 is on the receiving end of the golden treatment this time around, thanks to Vietnamese gold-plating shop Karalux being the company that has decided […]

Gold Plated HTC One (M8) Can Be Yours, Too
When it comes to selling a smartphone, you can no longer deck it out with the latest hardware specifications, but rather, there needs to be proper market study done in order to make sure that the masses would be receptive to whatever color that you decide to splash it with. The HTC One (M8) is a high-end smartphone that has its fair share of impressive hardware specifications, but why not […]

24CT Gold iPad Air, iPad Mini Will Only Cost You Over $1800 To Own
If you were expecting Apple to announce a gold version of either the iPad Air or iPad Mini a few weeks ago during their latest press conference, you were probably extremely disappointed to see you won’t be able to “get your gold on” as there was no gold color option for either tablet. Lucky for you, Gold Geenie has once again come to the aid to those who would like […]


HTC One Mini Gets Covered In 24ct Gold For Only $2407
We’ve seen 24ct gold versions of popular smartphones in the past from Goldgenie as they’ve previously released an HTC One as well as a real gold iPhone 5s earlier this year. The next device that has received the 24ct gold treatment is none other than the HTC One’s little brother, the HTC One Mini.As was the case with previously released 24ct gold versions of devices, Goldgenie is making the HTC One Mini […]

Gold HTC One Spotted In Leaked Photos
Earlier this week, Apple finally unveiled two new iPhones, the iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S, both of which would be made available in a variety of colors. The iPhone 5S, however, will have gold as one of its color options giving those of us who enjoy the finer things in life the chance to really enjoy the luxury that comes with owning a gold iPhone. It looks like the gold […]

Gold iPhone 5S Alleged Picture Posted Online
A couple of weeks back it was rumored that iPhone 5S might also be available in gold color. We didn’t hear any more rumors about that possibility, most people thought that it wasn’t likely for Apple to take such a step. A few days ago Ming-Chi Kuo, a well known analyst at KGI Securities, claimed that the gold iPhone 5S is indeed coming and that it would have 128GB of […]

iPhone 5S Expected To Be Available In Gold [Analyst]
Earlier this summer, we heard the iPhone 5S could be coming in gold, which would make those of you who appreciate a gold-covered device extremely happy as you may be given the option to do so from the get-go. Japan’s Macotakara claimed the iPhone 5S could be getting a gold variant, and yesterday, KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo also believes a gold iPhone 5S could be coming soon.

HTC One Gets 24ct Gold-Plated Treatment Starting At $2909
The HTC One has officially been gold plated with prices starting at $2909.

Scientists Have Changed The Color of Gold
Anodizing’s in the tech news world today because Apple (and other gadget makers) are realizing it’s a great way to make portable devices more durable and more attractive. However, the anodizing process involves coating metal with a thin layer of colored aluminum oxide: basically, it’s not changing the actual color of the metal. Researchers from the university of Southhampton in the UK announced today that they actually changed the color of gold […]

Gold-producing bacteria used by researchers
Throughout human history, many have tried to ‘create’ gold from other materials. We popularly know these people as alchemists, none of which succeeded of course. Thanks to the modern understanding of the chemical elements and the ability to use them effectively, gold can indeed be created (or rather extracted) in a lab from other elements. But the procedure is too expensive to be financially profitable.Researchers at Michigan state university have […]

Minecraft goes gold at last
You know that Minecraft is gold right from the beginning you played it, but here is the announcement from the horse’s mouth itself – the game has finally gone gold after a year of beta testing, making sure this will finally be a full fledged retail product that will see plenty of downloads happening in the process. Well, for those who want to dive straight into the action, all you […]

Gold History Edition iPad 2 has dinosaur fragments in it
We’re not sure what it is about iOS devices which seems to make people want to bling them out, but if you have £5 million to spare (which roughly converts to about $8 million) then perhaps this blinged out iPad 2 might be something worth considering.

Gold-Dispensing ATM Installed At London's Westfield Shopping Center
If you read the title and you thought that it’s an ATM made out of gold, you would be wrong. It’s actually an ATM that dispenses gold! The ATM was recently installed at Westfield shopping centre in London and it will be the first gold-dispensing ATM in UK, although we’re not sure how often people actually need to make gold withdrawals.