We’re not sure what it is about iOS devices which seems to make people want to bling them out, but if you have £5 million to spare (which roughly converts to about $8 million) then perhaps this blinged out iPad 2 might be something worth considering.

Designed by British luxury designer Stuart Hughes, this creation is called the Gold History Edition and what sets it apart from all the other blinged out iOS devices is that it actually contains bone fragments from a dinosaur! Yes you heard that right, you can now own an iPad 2 with dinosaur bones in them and we’re pretty sure you will be the only other person in the world to have it given that the designer only has plans to make two such designs.

The rest of the device is made out of just as impressive materials, with the front frame of the iPad 2 made from Ammolite, which is considered to be the oldest rock in the world at over 75 million years. Sections of the thigh bone of a 65 million years old T-Rex were splintered and shaved into the Ammolite.

The rear portion of the device is made of about 2 kilograms of 24 carat gold with the Apple logo being made out of 53 12.5 carats ‘I’F’ Flawless encrusted diamonds. The finishing touch is a single 8.5 carat diamond seated in a platinum base surrounded by 12 outer diamonds which serves as the “Home” button.

If you have the spare funds lying around and you’re looking for a unique albeit frivolous purchase, the Gold History Edition iPad 2 is up for sale on the designer’s website. Best be quick before it becomes…extinct!

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