Articles about google docs (page 3) Beta Gets New Sharing Features
Folks who have taken an interest in Apple’s beta will love to know that Apple has introduced some updates and new features for the site. Most notably, users are now able to create a public link, allowing them to share documents with large groups or on websites such as social networks. Gone is the need to set a password or send an invitation. Users are also now able to […]

Google Acquires DocVerse
Google has stepped up its war against Microsoft Office with the acquisition of DocVerse, a company that offers a rather useful plug-in for Microsoft Office, allowing users of the desktop software to collaborate on Office documents, despite the document being edited in various places at the same time. It’ll be really interesting to see how Google can utilize the tech that it has just acquired to improve Google Docs and […]

Google Docs Now On Public Search
If you’ve used Google Docs before, you’ll certainly agree that it’s a very handy online application to have, especially if you’re collaboration with a few parties. Now it looks like Google is willing to take things a step further, and allow the published Google documents, spreadsheets and presentations to be searched and indexed by its search engine. Of course, this only applies to files that have been explicitly published via […]