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Google Sheets Offline Editing Rolling Out To All Users
The Google Drive productivity suite has three core applications, Docs, Sheets and Slides. In December last year Google introduced a revamped version of Sheets. Not only did it bring offline editing support, it also brought a plethora of new features. Google gave users the choice to opt-in, the new version wasn’t enabled by default for all users. Starting today though Google is rolling out the updated Sheets version for all […]

Google Introduces Add-Ons For Docs And Sheets
Today, Google announced the launch of add-ons for Google Drive. These are new tools created by its developer partners to add more features in Google Docs and Sheets. Users working on documents and spreadsheets can access these new add-ons to take advantage of a plethora of features that aren’t available in Google Docs by default. To get an add-on, all users need to do is head to the menu of […]

Google Sheets Offline Editing Is Finally Possible
If you are a devout user of the Google Drive productivity suite, you might have found yourself wondering why it is not possible to edit Google Sheets without an internet connection. For those who do not know, Google Sheets is the spreadsheet app in the company’s productivity suite. The company has finally listened to user requests for the feature, Google Sheets offline editing is finally possible thanks to the update […]

Microsoft Office Web Apps Gets Real Time Editing Support In Coming Months
Microsoft has announced that Office Web Apps will be getting real time editing functionality in the coming months. A video demonstration has been posted online.


Google Docs breaking compatibility with .doc, .xls, .ppt formats
On October 1st, Google Docs users won’t be able to download or upload documents, spreadsheets, or slideshows in Office 1997-2007 format. Although Microsoft has long since left these file formats behind, replacing them with .docx, .pptx, and .xlsx, Google provides Google apps for Business, Education and Government, which may still very well use the antiquated formats institutionally. A consumer version of Google Apps has supported Microsoft’s new formats, so institutional customers […]

Google spreadsheets get all talkative with discussions
Humans are social creatures, and when working together as a team, the synergy delivers far more than what individuals are able to deliver. Having said that, Google Spreadsheets in Google Docs has been quite useful for me all this while, but when working within the context of a group, it is always better to do so in person than virtually. Just in case circumstances do not allow for everyone to […]

Protected Ranges in Google Spreadsheets now available
Making edits with other folks in a collaborative effort over a document stored on the cloud is ideal in keeping track of different edits made by various folks with their respective timestamps, but sometimes, as the old proverb says, “too many cooks spoil the soup”. With Google Spreadsheets in Google Docs, the Internet search giant has decided to introduce the idea of Protected Ranges, making it possible to modify a […]

Google Drive for iOS and PC offline editing introduced
Google has introduced the Google Drive app for iOS, which lets iPhone and iPad users access and manage (adding collaborators) their Google Drive and Google Docs documents and files. Reading documents is not really news, but being able to manage them and setup some permission can be handy on the go.Unfortunately, Google Drive for iOS is only a viewer and a very basic document manager. It will display the documents […]

IDrive Online Backup lets you access Google Docs your own way
“Have it your way” – or so the Burger King slogan goes, making sure that you are subtly reminded that the captain of your ship is none other than yourself, and the whole world should kowtow to you, or at least, the front line of each Burger King franchise as you rattle out your very own custom burger preferences. Well, for those of us who cannot live without Google Docs […]

Google Docs get Google+ Page
You know how most companies these days have at least a Facebook page as well as a Twitter account to keep in touch with their customers without having to sift through huge amounts of snail mail. Well, there is another emerging force in the social network framework from Google, where it is simply known as Google+. While more and more companies have a Google+ page already, it is interesting to […]

Google improves accessibility for Docs, Sites and Calendar
Google has just announced in its blog that it has enhanced some of its online services to become more accessible to members of the blind community. Google Docs, Google Sites, and Google Calendar now have improved support for screen readers (JAWS, ChromeVox and VoiceOver (Calendar only)). Users can now use screen readers to help them read, browse, edit and create documents and events. In addition to improving support for screen […]

Google Documents get comment-only access
Do you love all things that have to do with cloud computing? If you have answered in the affirmative, then you might be pleased to hear about the latest happening in Google Documents – it has just received comment-only access, which is a new way of letting other people check out a particular document while commenting on it in order to improve a group collaboration work even when everyone is […]

Google Docs for Android Gets Web Clipboard
If you have been using Google Docs, you have probably noticed that inserting an image can be much more painful than doing a copy/paste from an imaging up. Microsoft Word works like that, but unfortunately, Google Docs doesn’t and its web nature has probably something to do with it. The solution is to build a web clipboard, of course!Starting from today, Google Docs for Android gets juts that. Mobile users […]

Google Docs app now available on Android
Google has just announced the launch of the Google Docs app for Android today. Folks who use the cloud “office” service on their computers will be glad to know that they now can access Google Docs on their phones natively instead of having to go through a browser.

Google Docs uploading made easier
Google Docs is fast expanding to become a decent online productivity tool, but do bear in mind that you will still need an Internet connection to work, so do not throw away that copy of Microsoft Office or OpenOffice just yet. Recently, Google Docs users managed to drag and drop files from the desktop to the upload page, and it is nice to know that such improvements do not just […]

New commenting feature for Google Docs
Google has just announced a brand new feature for their online document editing software, Google Docs. Users viewing or editing the same document can now chat with each other in real-time using the comments feature. The comments appear on the sidebar like tweets, with profile pictures, timestamps and users can even use “@” to direct their comments at other users. If users are too busy to open up the document […]

Google Docs updated
Google’s internet office suite, Google Docs will be receiving some new updates that increase its functionality. Announced today, and rolling out over the next few days, the update will refresh the documents list – Google has added new filters that allow you to look for documents much more easily, as well as an option called Priority Sorting. Working similar to the Priority Inbox in Gmail, Priority Sorting automatically sorts your […]

Desktop Version Of Google Docs Available For iPad
iPad users out there might want to take note that the desktop version of Google Docs is now available on the tablet, just a few weeks after the mobile version allowed you to edit documents. Users who want to give it a test drive will be greeted with a minor warning that not all features will be available and to be honest, users have reported that the interface isn’t the […]

Google Docs Viewer For Mobile Browsers Launched
Google Docs users who sport Android or iOS devices will be happy to hear that Google has announced that it has released a mobile version of Google Docs viewer for Android, iPhone, and the iPad, allowing users to view PDFs, .ppt, .doc, and .docx files that are uploaded to their documents list without having to actually download the file. Users will be able to quickly switch between pages, not to […] Beta Gets New Sharing Features
Folks who have taken an interest in Apple’s beta will love to know that Apple has introduced some updates and new features for the site. Most notably, users are now able to create a public link, allowing them to share documents with large groups or on websites such as social networks. Gone is the need to set a password or send an invitation. Users are also now able to […]