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Google Has Reneged On A Big Allo Privacy Feature
Google announced new communication apps at Google I/O 2016 and Allo is one of them. It’s a pretty powerful app that has features like the artificial intelligence-powered Google Assistant. The company also talked up Allo’s privacy credentials which include an end-to-end-encrypted Incognito Mode as well as a new message retention practice which involved storing messages only transiently instead of indefinitely. Google has publicly released Allo today and it has also […]

Android N Developer Preview 4 Released By Google
Google has just released the fourth developer preview of Android N – the next major iteration of Android that still remains unnamed – though there appears to be an indication that it could be called Nutella. At first glance it doesn’t appear that many new features have been included in this preview, however, it does bring several new APIs that enable developers to access all of the new features that are […]

Snowden Isn't A Fan Of Google's New Allo Messaging App
During its keynote at the Google I/O 2016 developers conference, Google announced a couple of new messaging applications one of which is called Allo. It walked us through most of the app’s features during the keynote and they really are quite impressive. Google touted the messaging app’s safety and security features as well but apparently it wasn’t able to convince Edward Snowden, the man who showed us the true extent […]

Google Confirms They Will Be Building Their Own VR Headset
A couple of days ago, Google announced their Daydream virtual reality platform. Along with the announcement, they also announced that they would be releasing a reference design for a virtual reality headset which is basically Google’s take on headsets like the Gear VR. This seemed to have refuted earlier rumors that Google would be building their own headset.


This Is What YouTube Could Look Like In Daydream
YouTube and virtual reality working hand in hand isn’t new. In fact YouTube introduced 360-degree videos (and live videos) quite a while ago in which you could watch it using the Google Cardboard or other devices like the Samsung Gear VR. However with Google announcing Daydream at Google I/O, things are going to be taken to the next level.

Google Play Will Have An ‘Early Access’ Section For Open Betas
Do you consider yourself a trendsetter, or maybe an early adopter when it comes to trying out new things? If you are, you might be interested to learn that during I/O 2016, Google announced some changes that they will be making to the Google Play Store, and one of those changes is the inclusion of a new “Early Access” section.

Google Partners With IMAX To Develop Virtual Reality Camera
Right now there are several virtual reality cameras available in the market, but of course to develop high-quality virtual reality content, there will need to be more professional cameras made, which is kind of what Google and IMAX are doing according to a recent announcement made about their upcoming partnership.

Google Confirms Android Apps Will Soon Be Arriving On Chrome OS
Last month thanks to a screenshot, it was hinted that Google could soon allow Android apps to run on Chrome OS. Then the other day according to the Google I/O 2016 schedule, there was more evidence to suggest that this would be coming. As it stands, Chrome OS could always run Android, but this was extremely limited as Google only worked with a handful of developers at that time to […]

Google Is Making a Cinema-Quality 3D Camera
It was back at Google I/O 2015 that the company unveiled Jump, a VR camera rig that housed 16 GoPro cameras coupled with smart processing and sharing software all of which was aimed at making it easier for professionals to capture content in virtual reality. It appears that Hollywood has taken a liking to Jump which is why Google has decided to make a cinema-quality 3D camera rig, and for […]

Android Auto Will Soon Be Able To Run On Just Your Smartphone
Earlier today during Google I/O 2016, the company announced that an updated version of Android Auto would be on its way later this year with a feature that we’re sure many car owners can appreciate. Right now Android Auto and Apple’s CarPlay requires users to own a compatible vehicle, or at least a vehicle with a compatible infotainment system which newer models sport.

Google's New Android-Backed VR Platform Is Called Daydream
We expected that Google will talk about virtual reality at the I/O 2016 developers conference and it most certainly did. Google today announced Daydream, an Android-backed virtual reality platform that covers both hardware and software. The company also showcased reference designs for VR headsets and motion controllers that will be based on the Daydream platform. It confirmed some of the partners that will be making Daydream compatible devices.

Instant Apps For Android Make Web Apps Fun Again
Apps are amazing, they let you do all sorts of things, from expressing your creativity to ordering lunch. All of this can be done using apps but you have to find the ones you want and install them before you can use their features, and it’s quite common to forget about apps you’ve installed if you try a lot of them. Web apps are browser-based and don’t require installation but […]

More Than 65 Billion Apps Were Downloaded From Google Play Last Year
Android is one of the most widely used platforms in the world, it powers over a billion devices and continues to grow at an exponential pace. Google Play is the one-stop content solution for Android-powered devices so naturally it sees a lot of content being downloaded at any given time, and if you were wondering just how big of a role it plays in the ecosystem, consider the fact that […]

Android Wear 2.0 Is The Platform’s Biggest Update To Date
Google has pushed out various updates to its Android Wear platform over the past couple of years since it was announced, but it looks like this year during Google I/O, the company has announced Android Wear 2.0 which safe to say is its biggest update to date, bringing about changes in features, UI, and also smartphone reliance.

First Android N Beta Release Rolling Out Today
Since Google released the Android N developer preview a few months ago, much is already known about the next major Android release, Google went through all of the new features and improvements during its Google I/O 2016 keynote today and demonstrated some of those features as well. Android N is going to be released publicly later this summer but today the company has started rolling out the first Android N […]

Google Would Like You To Suggest Names For Android N
Google launched the Android N developer preview a couple of months ago, back then the company didn’t confirm what it’s going to call the latest version of its mobile operating system but while many of us expected it to announce a moniker at Google I/O 2016, the company has actually decided to throw the ball in our court. It would like you to suggest names for Android N.

Google Launches Allo, A ‘Smarter’ Messaging Platforms
A report from yesterday hinted that Google could be looking to hop on board the chatbot bandwagon, in which the end result would be similar to what Facebook has done with their Messenger platform. It seems that the rumors were true because Google has since announced a new messaging platform called Allo.

Google Home Launched With New Google Assistant Feature
According to earlier rumors, it was suggested that Google had an Amazon Echo competitor in the works called Google Home, and sure enough the rumors were true. Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai officially announced the device at I/O and even gave a nod at the folks at Amazon who helped lead the way.

Hyundai Custom Android Auto App Will Arrive Later This Year
The Google I/O 2016 keynote is less than an hour away. During these two days, we’re going to hear a lot of software and apps, developers and partners will show off their creations for Google’s platforms, and Hyundai will be there doing just that. The car maker is going to show its custom Android Auto app at Google I/O today. The app itself is going to be released later this […]

You Can Watch Google I/O 2016’s Livestream Here
If you’re a fan of Google’s products and services, obviously you won’t want to miss out on Google I/O 2016 which will be taking place in a couple of hours. If you’d rather watch the event unfold yourself, then you might be interested in checking out the livestream in the video above in which the events will be taking place live right before your very eyes.