It was back at Google I/O 2015 that the company unveiled Jump, a VR camera rig that housed 16 GoPro cameras coupled with smart processing and sharing software all of which was aimed at making it easier for professionals to capture content in virtual reality. It appears that Hollywood has taken a liking to Jump which is why Google has decided to make a cinema-quality 3D camera rig, and for this purpose it’s teaming up with IMAX.

This was confirmed by Google’s Clay Bavor at the company’s developer conference. Google will be working with IMAX on this project. IMAX is well known for immersive video and audio, it’s going to bring its experience with camera design, optics, sensors and more to this project.

Google didn’t confirm when the cinema-quality 3D camera rig it’s working on will be ready, it didn’t even mention how far the work has progressed, so we’ll have to wait a bit t get that information.

It’s exciting, nevertheless, that the two companies are working together on something that can have a huge impact on how content is captured in virtual reality.

The new cinema-quality rig will aid in the production of high-value VR content, which hasn’t really made it onto the big screen, though Hollywood studios have released separate VR experiences for some of their films.

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