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NSA Could Decode Private Cellphone Conversations
The NSA is definitely not in the good books of many people, even to the point where tech companies have already begun to sound the bell that calls for reforms in the organization itself. I am quite sure that even more people would be upset to read about what the NSA is capable of doing when it comes to our cellphone conversations. Apparently, their phone surveillance efforts do more than […]

SIM based NFC gains support from major carriers around the world
Countries like Japan have long been using NFC to help them in their daily lives, and not too long ago carriers in South Korea have announced that they will be offering SIM cards with NFC technology embedded into them. Now it looks like that standard will soon be adopted by some of the largest carriers in the world.

AT&T customers remain loyal despite competition
AT&T enjoyed exclusivity with the iPhone for three generations worth, and now it looks like out of the four major carriers, only one carrier (T-Mobile) does not carry the iPhone. If I was AT&T, I would be worried about my customers running off to a competing carrier who may offer better rates and plans, but apparently that’s not the case with AT&T, who reports that customers remain loyal to the […]

iPhone 4S antenna leak suggests CDMA and GSM capabilities
It seems that 9to5 Mac received in their inbox what appears to be a stack of iPhone 4 antennas, with the middle antenna claiming to be the iPhone 4S/5. The top casing belongs to the GSM version of the iPhone 4 thanks to the microSIM card slot. Interestingly the same SIM card slot can be found in the purported iPhone 4S’s antenna.


iPhone 5 to be a world phone? (Rumors)
When the iPhone was first launched, AT&T enjoyed the privilege of being the only carrier that carried Apple’s brand new handset. Several generations later, the privilege extended to Verizon who introduced the rest of America to a CDMA version of the iPhone 4. The trouble with different versions of the iPhone meant that users who were not on AT&T or Verizon would not be able to enjoy them, or users […]

Will T-Mobile soon be carrying the iPhone?
When the iPhone first came out, AT&T were the only carrier that offered the handsets, and thanks to an exclusive deal, they went on to be the only carrier sporting the device for the next couple of years. Verizon finally got in on the action with a CDMA version of the iPhone 4 this year, and there have been rumors that Sprint may be in the process of testing the […]

FireText smoke alarm will automatically text up to four numbers during an emergency
Smoke alarms are both a blessing and a curse. A curse when you’re cooking or toasting bread, and the minute your culinary creation gets slightly burnt, there goes the alarm. Jokes aside, smoke alarms can be lifesavers, notifying us in our sleep the minute smoke is detected, giving us time to quickly assess the situation and make a decision. However, there are times when you are out of the house, […]

HTC EVO 3D with GSM bands arrive at the FCC
Wait a minute here – it seems that there is yet another model of the HTC EVO 3D which has just arrived at the FCC, where it will play nice with GSM bands instead. No exact idea on just where this smartphone is headed to, but we do know that the European version is currently in the final phases of preparation before it is rolled out. HTC themselves are not […]

Nokia Siemens Networks doubles GSM capacity
The wonders of modern technology – that’s what we’re marveling about with Nokia Siemens Networks’ most recent effort which actually doubles GSM capacity thanks to a technology known as “Dynamic Frequency and Channel Allocation” (DFCA). Although Japan is phasing out GSM totally, several countries in Europe are giving permission to local operators to use what was once spectrum reserved for GSM, where it has been refarmed for 3G use. Apart […]

GSM HTC Hero receives Android 2.1 update
At long last, HTC Hero owners (read our review) walking on the GSM side who have been waiting a long, long time to get an updated firmware will finally be able to do so with news of the Android 2.1 coming via Over The Air (OTA). This has been months in waiting, so those who prefer to take it with a pinch of salt are justified in doing so since […]

GSM Versions Of Pre Plus And Pixi Plus Confirmed?
The smart money is on Palm releasing GSM versions of Verizon’s Palm Pre Plus and Pixi Plus, but if you wanted some confirmation of a certification body, you can check out a report from the folks over at TUV Rheinland, who have listed P101UNA and P121UNA units in their systems from Palm. The P101 and P121 are the numeric codes for Palm’s Pre Plus and Pixi plus respectively. The “UNA” […]

3G Network Encryption Cracked
After the GSM encryption was cracked just a few short weeks ago, it seems that 3G encryption has also been cracked. To make matters worse, the attack only takes a few hours on your typical computer. With this method, you can crack 3G’s KASUMI system, which is based on a simplified type of Fiestel encryption called MISTY. MISTY uses multiple keys and a recursive, multi-round encryption process. The KASUMI algorithm […]

GSM Encryption Cracked
Operators have been relying on the A5/1 encryption to protect the privacy of calls made over GSM networks for a good 21 years, but now it seems that the code has been cracked by a 28-year old German, Karsten Nohl. He has presented the flaws in the existing code, and is hoping that his actions will goad the GSM association into upgrading the current encryption scheme uses. The GSM Association […]

Beyond the Google Phone hype, it comes down to: be cheap enough or die
This is what Nexus One looks like… just like an HTC PassionYou have probably noticed in the past couple of days that the hype surrounding the network-free Google Nexus One phone has almost reached its climax. I say “almost” because Google has yet to officially reveal images of the phone that employees describe using words like “iPhone” and “Steroids” in the same sentence. The WSJ says that despite using Android, the […]

Apple Countersues Nokia, says Nokia should invent, not steal
Apple has announced that it was countersuing Nokia. They are not a lot of details, but here’s a declaration Bruce Sewell, Apple’s General Counsel: “Other companies must compete with us by inventing their own technologies, not just by stealing ours”.If you don’t remember, Nokia had fired the first (legal) salvo by filing a lawsuit over 10 alleged patent infringements that covered GSM, UMTS, WLAN and other key phone technologies. In […]

Nokia Booklet 3G hands-on
We spent a short time with the Nokia Booklet 3G, and so far, here are our first-impressions: The Booklet 3G is very nicely built. It clearly outclasses most Atom-powered Netbooks out there and besides the lack of backlit keyboard, there’s not much to complain about the physical design – except that the screen doesn’t seem bright enough for the outdoors.Windows 7 boots in about one minute (give or take 10sec), […]