nsaThe NSA is definitely not in the good books of many people, even to the point where tech companies have already begun to sound the bell that calls for reforms in the organization itself. I am quite sure that even more people would be upset to read about what the NSA is capable of doing when it comes to our cellphone conversations. Apparently, their phone surveillance efforts do more than just focus on metadata instead of associated calls, but they are also able to eavesdrop on what is being shared by two people without those holding the conversation knowing any better. Yes sir, your complains about that aunt or uncle you absolutely cannot stand, can be gossip fodder for the NSA. Don’t you think that this is way too creepy?

The Washington Post received documents leaked by Edward Snowden which confirms that the NSA has the ability to decode GSM-based cellphone calls, without having to have the encryption keys in the first place. The NSA, in its defense, claims that this is a necessary move, considering how either side of the law rely on encryption in order to secure sensitive information. In the future, however, the NSA might not have such an easy ride in eavesdropping on conversations as and when they like, especially when the likes of AT&T and T-Mobile Germany among other carriers around the world are taking the step to introduce more secure encryption methods for their GSM service, not to mention with 3G calls already being a whole lot more secure. It is not foolproof, but at least it makes them sweat more to know what we’re talking about eventually.

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