GTA Online players are quite imaginative when it comes to playing out stunts in the game so Rockstar thought it would be a good idea to give them crazy stunt races to play. It has released a free update called Cunning Stunts which brings 16 new stunt races to the game. This update is going to change the racing style that players are currently accustomed to.

Cunning Stunts brings 16 new stunt races to Grand Theft Auto Online. It’s going to add courses which include things like tubes that twist around a skyscraper to big ramps for massive jumps, it’s going to be very entertaining for players.

Rockstar has also added 13 new cars to the game with this free update including but not limited to the Vapid Trophy Truck. However, this isn’t even the most exciting thing about the arrival of stunt races to GTA Online.

The company has said that it’s going to release a stunt race creator for this game next month. The stunt race creator will be launched on August 2nd and it will enable players to create their own stunt races using objects like raised tracks, animated props, half-pipes, and tubes. Speed boosts and bonuses for players can also be added on the track.

Cunning Stunts is the 30th update for Grand Theft Auto Online and it’s now available for free on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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