For the past few weeks, we’ve seen some neat creations whose primary objective is to successfully separate an Oreo cookie. But today, we spotted an Oreo-related creation that wasn’t commissioned by Nabisco to create, which makes it even more awesome someone took time out of their day to create something like this.

Today’s creation comes from slingshot master Joerg Sprave and is, quite simply, a pump-action Oreo separation gun. Unfortunately, it doesn’t do as well of a job at separating Oreos as the previous creations since it pretty much just shoots the delicious treats at such a rate of speed, that they splatter, thus separating.

We could certainly see someone being crazy enough to sit at the end of the pump-action Oreo separating gun in order to see if they could enjoy a cookie at such a high rate of speed. But if they really want to enjoy the cookie without possibly cutting off their tongue in the process, then they should probably handle the Oreo-separation process manually along with a glass of ice-cold milk.

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