NYC’s Internet Kiosks ‘Hacked’ To Play Ice Cream Truck Music

Over the years we’ve come to associate sounds with all kinds of events, for example even non-iPhone users can tell it’s an iPhone based on alert sound when a text message arrives or when the phone is ringing. The same can be said for music played from ice cream trucks, in which it is a sound recognized by many of all ages across many generations.

Overwatch Hacker Given Suspended Prison Sentence

While cheaters are almost always to be expected when it comes to games, sometimes cheats get a bit too far to the point where legal action has to be taken. Such is the case over in South Korea where an Overwatch hacker has been handed a suspended prison sentence of one-year, along with an additional two years of probation.

Firefox, 1Password Will Let Users Know If They’ve Been Breached

Despite the advancements made in cybersecurity, we are still hearing reports of system breaches more often than we’d like. Given how reliant we’ve become on online services, there is a good chance that eventually a service that you use will get hacked. The Yahoo hack from a few years ago is a good example of how even some of the bigger companies are susceptible.

Apple Refutes Claims That iOS Is Vulnerable To Brute Force Hacks

For those unfamiliar with hacking terms, brute force attacks are basically as its name implies, an attack that focuses purely on “force” where in hopes that the system will eventually give way after numerous hacking attempts. This usually happens in the case of passwords where the hacker will throw all kinds of password combinations until the right one is found.


Musician Sues His Ex For Hacking Into His Emails & Turning Down A Scholarship

Imagine you apply for a job or a scholarship to the company or school of your dreams, somewhere you know will advance you in your life and get you to where you want to be, only to be told that you were rejected. It’s a terrible feeling, but imagine that it was all false, and that the rejection was actually sent to you by an ex-partner who just didn’t want […]

Researchers Find That Cortana Can Be Used To Hack Windows 10 PCs

Cortana is Microsoft’s digital assistant that they have bundled with its Windows operating system. It is designed to help users accomplish various tasks, although it also seems to suffer from a bug that could allow hackers to actually use Cortana to hack the Windows 10 PC that it is installed on.

Australia Creates Task Force To Protect Elections From Cyber Attacks

According to various reports, we have heard how some countries are allegedly resorting to cyber attacks to meddle with the elections in other countries. We’ve heard reports about this in the US, the UK, and France where leading up to the elections, there has been a flood of fake news that attempts to spread propaganda.

Researchers Create Wireless Transmitter That Could Thwart Hackers

It is often said that you probably should not connect to a public WiFi network if you’re looking to conduct sensitive transactions, such as transferring money or viewing confidential documents. This is because due to the openness of public WiFi, there is a chance of your data being intercepted by hackers.

Steam’s Desktop Client Had A Bug That Existed For 10 Years

During the software development process, depending on the way the software has been coded, it can leave itself open to exploits by hackers who are familiar with the coding process and know how to take advantage of the system’s weakness. No software is ever perfect, although ideally bugs should be discovered and patched quickly.

Netgear Advising Arlo Customers To Change Their Passwords

Home security devices like security cameras are meant to keep our homes safe, but who’s going to keep the cameras safe? The onus falls onto the company behind those devices, and unfortunately for those who are using Netgear’s Arlo security systems, it seems that the company is asking its customers to change their passwords over a recent security scare.

Nintendo Reportedly Banning Players Who Hacked Their Switches

Consoles these days are harder to hack than before, although in recent times we have been hearing reports of users who have successfully hacked their Nintendo Switch console. However if hacking your Switch is something you might be interested in, you should probably think twice.

High School Student Phishes Teachers To Change Grades

There is no doubt that taking exams can be stressful, especially if you need a good grade whether it be to get into the school of your choice, or to prevent yourself from being kicked out, and so on. However what lengths would you go to get a good grade? In the case of a 16-year old high school student from Concord, California, phishing was the answer.

Malicious Siri Commands Can Be Hidden In Songs

It is obvious that there is a clear advantage of having devices that are always listening for voice commands because it means you can access it from a distances and not fiddle with buttons. It is more definitely more efficient. However there is also a disadvantage and that is it is always listening.

World Of Warcraft DDoS Hacker Sentenced To Jail

The problem with games that are based online is that they’re subject to hacks such as DDoS. Unfortunately in Blizzard’s case, several years ago their MMORPG World of Warcraft was subject to such a hack, although the good news is that it appears that justice has been served to the hacker behind it.