Ransomware attacks are becoming pretty common these days. This is when a computer downloads a malware that then encrypts the entire drive or network, and then to decrypt it, hackers would demand a ransom before they hand over the encryption key, if not all the data would be lost for good.

This is what happened over in Scandinavia, Finland to the Nordic Choice Hotels, a large chain of hotels in the country. The ransomware attack basically crippled their systems, but instead of paying to remove the malware, what the hotel did was basically convert their Windows PCs into Chrome OS devices which solved the issue.

This was done using the CloudReady software that Google had acquired back in 2020. Basically what it does is it allows older Windows PCs that may no longer be used to be turned into Chrome OS devices. This is what the hotel did where they managed to convert about 2,000 Windows laptops into Chrome OS laptops in about 48 hours.

This is said to have been a faster solution compared to trying to clean all the computers of the virus. This is because the changes can be made from the head office, versus cleaning each computer that would have required people to travel to each hotel to work on it.

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