Amazon Prime Members Can Now Subscribe To HBO And Cinemax
Amazon doesn’t quite have an online TV streaming service as yet but it has the next best thing called Amazon Channels which enable members to subscribe to major networks. The company today announced that Amazon Prime members can now subscribe to HBO Now and Cinemax through Amazon Channels. The subscription fee is charged on a monthly basis and subscribers are free to cancel at any time without having to incur […]

Get Free HBO Now For Three Months With Chromecast
Google has a habit of providing incentives with each purchase of the Chromecast dongle and it’s back with yet another incentive. It’s a really good one. Customers who purchase last year’s Chromecast or the recently launched Chromecast Ultra will now get free HBO Now for three months. The purchase has to be made within a month from now in order to be eligible for this incentive.

HBO And Cinemax Landing On PlayStation Vue Soon
Sony today announced that the most requested channels will be landing soon on its standalone TV streaming service, PlayStation Vue. It has confirmed that HBO will soon be coming to PlayStation Vue and so is Cinemax, which will provide subscribers with access to more movies and original series. The company also confirmed that HBO Now is also going to be launched on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 in the near […]

Xbox One Finally Gets HBO Now
HBO Now might have launched as an Apple TV exclusive last year but since then the online streaming service has been expanded to many platforms. Microsoft has always billed the Xbox One as more than just a gaming console, it’s a bonafide entertainment device, so naturally online streaming services are a great fit for it. Today the Xbox One has finally received an official HBO Now app.


Game Of Thrones Season 6 Premiere Is Free On HBO This Weekend
For the past few years, Game of Thrones has held tightly to the title of the most pirated TV show and that’s not likely to change this year as well. Fans are gearing up for the Game of Thrones season 6 premiere this weekend, and those that employ less-than-legal means to get their GoT fix might want to pay attention because the Game of Thrones season 6 premiere is free […]

Starz Launches Its Own Streaming Service
Premium networks have seen the writing on the wall which is why they’ve started to embrace cord cutters. Both HBO and Showtime have already launched their standalone online streaming services and now Starz has joined the list. Starz today announced the launch of its standalone online tv streaming service which costs less per month than Showtime and HBO.

HBO Now Has About A Million Subscribers 10 Months After Launch
Cord-cutters have pushed networks to embrace online streaming and many of them have either linked up with existing services or launched their own standalone services. HBO launched its own service called HBO Now last year. For $14.99 it provides subscribers with access to streaming of the linear channel as well as the library of content. The company has revealed that HBO Now has close to a million subscribers almost ten […]

HBO Now Finally Gets Support For Android TV
HBO’s standalone streaming service was launched earlier this year and initially the service was limited to Apple’s devices. The cable giant has gradually expanded it to other platforms, Android included, but it has taken a considerable amount of time to bring official support for the Android TV platform. There’s no reason to keep waiting now though as HBO Now support is finally here for Android TV.

HBO Now Finally Lands On Roku
HBO’s over-the-top internet TV streaming service went live earlier this year, it was initially exclusive to Apple devices before being gradually expanded to cover other platforms as well. Now it’s available on some of the most widely used streaming media platforms as well as mobile platforms but Roku has been missing from that list since launch, today though HBO Now has finally landed on Roku.

HBO Now And Showtime Going After More Cordcutters
Major networks are now seriously in the race for capturing cordcutters who would rather pay monthly for a network they’d like access to rather than pay for a conventional TV service. That’s what has prompted giants like HBO, Showtime and CBS to launch their own over-the-top internet TV streaming services, all of which are now available for your viewing pleasure on Android TV enabled set-top boxes and HDTVs.

Cablevision Will Provide CBS And Showtime Internet Streaming
Internet TV streaming is catching on, cord cutters are giving up on conventional TV service contracts in favor of services to which they can subscribe monthly and not be obliged to pay hundreds of dollars in setup fees. That’s one of the reasons why cable giants like HBO are changing up their business models. Cablevision is the first internet service provider to distribute the HBO Now online TV streaming service, and […]

HBO Now Goes Live On Amazon Fire TV And Fire TV Stick
HBO didn’t hesitate for long to embrace the cord-cutting generation, the cable giant has launched a standalone online streaming service which provides live streaming of the linear channel as well as all video on demand content for $15 per month under the HBO Now moniker. Subscribers don’t need to sign any contracts and they can discontinue service whenever they feel like it. HBO is gradually expanding this service with Amazon Fire […]

HBO Now Gets Chromecast Support On iOS And Android
A new update is being rolled out for HBO Now on iOS and Android, the refreshed applications bring support for Google Chromecast. This means that users will be able to cast HBO content from the app to their big screen TV provided that it has a Chromecast hooked up to it. It’s about time that Chromecast support was added to HBO Now, it has had support for Apple’s AirPlay for quite […]

Verizon Broadband Customers Can Subscribe To HBO Now From Today
Earlier this year HBO announced that it will be offering standalone online streaming subscription for its channel and library of VOD content, the service is called HBO Now and it was launched as an Apple exclusive initially. Since then HBO has teamed up with other partners to open HBO Now to more people across the country and its latest partner is Verizon, Big Red’s broadband customers can sign up for HBO […]