Television and cable networks are following a trend these days by catering to people who don’t want to pay for conventional pay-TV or cable subscription but they’re more than happy to pay for an over-the-top internet TV streaming service. This is why these companies are launching their own services, or partnering with others, to not miss out on those viewers. HBO has a service of its own that costs $15 per month and it appears that a HBO Now price cut just might be on possible in the future.

HBO Now was launched back in April, it’s a standalone $15 per month online streaming service that provides access to HBO as well as all of its video-on-demand content. It’s available through Sling TV even though the service is exclusive for three months to Apple’s devices.

For people who subscribe to multiple online streaming services an extra $15 per month can really add to their expenses, and they are likely to appreciate savings if there are some to be had.

It has been discovered through a HBO survey that the cable network has been asking people if they would put money down for prepaid three month, six month and one year subscriptions of HBO Now for $29.99, $59.99 and $99.99 respectively.

If you went for the $99.99 per year option this would result in a saving of $80 since you’ll only pay around $8.33 per month instead of the $15 you’re paying right now.

It remains to be seen though if HBO ever launches these long-term subscription options for HBO Now, it appears that for now the company is merely testing the waters to see how such options will be received if they’re offered.

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