hbo_got_rideGiven how heavily pirated HBO’s Game of Thrones TV series is, it is safe to assume that many of you guys out there are fans, or at the very least are able to recognize how the book and the TV show has integrated itself into pop culture today. Now if you’ve always been curious about what it would be like to sit on the Iron Throne, here’s your chance.

To help promote HBO Now and the TV series, the company has teamed up with Uber to give Manhattanites the opportunity to experience what it would be like to rule Westeros from the Iron Throne. Basically as you can see in the photo above, this is a van with a see-through panel with the Iron Throne sitting inside. Riders will be able to sit on the throne and go to their destination while having the whole of Manhattan eyeing you with envy (and jealousy).

The ride can be summoned by typing in the promo code “ThroneRides” in the Uber app for the iPhone and Android devices, but given how popular it will be, we can only imagine it will be pretty tough for users to catch a ride on it. The ride will be available from 11am to 5pm this coming Thursday and Friday and will be limited to between 14th and 59th Streets and Lexington to 9th Avenue.

As for those not living in Manhattan, well we guess unless Uber and HBO decide to bring the promotion to other states, you’d be out of luck.

[Image credit – Sarah Tew/CNET]

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