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Apple negotiating with cable operators to use device as a set top box
For all the stuff that you’ve heard about Apple TV (the box) and the nearly mythical iTV, this is really the most important rumor. Never mind Siri on the TV, and other user interface chatter. Although very important, the user interface is only useful if there is actually something to watch on the big screen. And that’s exactly the first thing that Apple is trying to solve by negotiating with […]

Roku Streaming Stick Gets New Partners
Roku has unveiled a new list of hardware partners who are working on making sure that the Roku stick works well on their HD Television. Partners include: Element Electronics, GlobalVue International LLC, Haier, Hitachi America Ltd,  Insignia, a Best Buy brand, Mitsubishi Electric (TVs), Onkyo and Integra, OPPO and TMAX Digital Inc (Apex Digital® TVs).The reason why this is important to get the TV folks on board is because the […]

NVIDIA Miracast support clones mobile devices displays to HTDVs
NVIDIA has just announced support for Miracast, a WiFi-Direct based protocol that allows phones, tablets and other computing devices to clone a live mobile device display to a compatible TV. This lets mobile applications being displayed effortlessly onto a big TV. Obviously, this concept has immediate applications for games, video and presentation apps.To do this, NVIDIA needs to compress a video stream fast enough and with sufficient quality. Given what […]

LG's 84-inch 4K HDTV now on sale - limited quantities available
LG does seem serious on peddling their massive, massive 84-inch ultra-definition 4K HDTV that was first spotted at CES earlier this year. It boasts a stunning level of resolution – we are talking about 3,840 x 2,160 (UHDTV) pixels here, where it is capable of maintaining a full 1080p picture for 3D movies, and this happens even as you use the LG’s FPR Cinema 3D passive glasses technology. Not only […]


Sceptre 3D LED HDTV offers quality without breaking the bank
We do know that times are hard for just about everyone around the world at this point in time, but here we are with another option for those who want an affordable 3D LED HDTV. Sceptre is the one behind their latest 46-inch LED HDTV that will boast four pairs of polarized passive 3D glasses, in addition to offering SRS TruSurround HD Sound while coming in an elegant piano black […]

Google TV gets more (paid) content
Just when we wondered what was going on with the lack of Google TV news, an official blog post comes with some bits of progress. The most important part is that Google TV is going to get more content. This was an issue with the original version and it looks like the number of paid movies, shows etc is going to rise, which is a good thing. I’d rather pay […]

Pocket TV turns televisions in giant Android devices
Pocket TV is a simple concept: what if a smart HDMI dongle could turn your TV into an Android device? As you have guessed, the idea is that Pocket TV is a Micro computer that runs on Ice Cream Sandwich / Android 4.0. It looks like a USB memory key, but it is a real Android computer.Now, the idea of having a micro-computer doesn’t stop at making TVs start. You […]

Sharp unveils gargantuan 90-inch Aquos LED LCD HDTV
Following the “Feel UX” new UI that Sharp announced today, the Japanese consumer electronics company is also announcing the availability of its behemoth 90-inch Aquos LED LCD HDTV. If you think that you’ve seen one of these around, then it’s probably the 80-inch Sharp AQUOS LC-80LE632U LED LCD TV that we wrote about last year. Apparently it looks like Sharp is ramping up the size of its TVs each year.The […]

New Samsung TVs Can Play In Gaikai's Cloud
While LG was demonstrating the cloud-gaming capabilities of its televisions with OnLive, Samsung announced a partnership with Gaikai, a competing cloud-gaming service that was recently featured in the NVIDIA keynote at the GTC conference when GeForce Grid was announced. The end-game is to provide Samsung TV customers with an integrated cloud-gaming client that is as capable of playing those games than today’s tablets. This means that any Samsung TV that can […]

LG 55EM600 55-inch OLED TV Priced at 8000 Euros
First shown at CES, the OLED technology behind the LG 55EM600 55″ HDTV finally becomes a product and gets a European price of (about) 8000 Euros. This was announced earlier today in Monaco by Stanley Cho, the leader of LG European operations. LG is “confident” that this new generation of TV can mean a breakout, and a possible shot at being the #1 HDTV provider in Europe – and perhaps, […]

Apple HDTV rumored to cost $1,499
Over the past few months we’ve heard a lot of rumors about Apple’s supposedly upcoming HDTV. While we’re not certain if such a device is on the way, close to completion or even nothing more than a myth, but Best Buy seems to have ideas of its own – according to a customer survey recently sent out from the company. In the survey, Best Buy basically asks customers about their […]

Top 10 CES Gadgets
LG and Samsung 55” OLED TV,At CES, both LG and Samsung have committed to commercialize large-size OLED televisions by the end of the year. While no pricing has been announced yet, the rumored price is said to be hovering around $8000. We don’t know how close this is to reality, but it’s fair to assume that most people won’t be able to afford one the first models. Fortunately, OLED TVs […]

Bang & Olufsen Beovision 12 – ultra slim 65-inch 3D Plasma TV
[CES 2012] Although I cannot afford Bang & Olufsen products, I always love to attend the private demo session at CES to discover the amazing new designs that the Danish brand introduces. Beovision TVs are always crafted as pieces of art so the displays do not look ugly on the wall when they are off, and Beovision 12 meets the standard beautifully.At 64 mm, the depth is really average compared […]

[CES 2012] Looking to pick up a brand new Sony TV this year? You’re in luck because Sony has got a selection for you. The company announced its expanded BRAVIA television lineup today with three new models – the entry level BX, the mid-level EX and the flagship HX. Since we’re all keen to find out more about the flagship model, here are the details for its two new BRAVIA […]