[CES 2012]
Although I cannot afford Bang & Olufsen products, I always love to attend the private demo session at CES to discover the amazing new designs that the Danish brand introduces.
Beovision TVs are always crafted as pieces of art so the displays do not look ugly on the wall when they are off, and Beovision 12 meets the standard beautifully.

At 64 mm, the depth is really average compared to mainstream Plasma TVs in the 64-inch ultra-thin category. On the other hand, the build quality looks beautiful because the finish of the frame, which is made of a thin black aluminium sheet, gives an impression of one uninterrupted glass surface with no visible joints.

 Sound quality is one of Bang & Olufsen’s strength, thus, its sound engineers always make sure that the integrated speaker located below the screen is carefully designed for maximum performance.  The unit is made of five custom-made speaker units covered by a soft curved natural anodized aluminium grill with an intricate organic shaped hole pattern.  According to the manufacturer, the center channel speaker is lifted up to give the impression that the speech is coming out from the middle of the screen.

According to B&O, the Automatic Color Management feature compensates for the effects of aging that occurs in plasma technology. Thanks to the 360 degree light sensor placed in the upper right corner of the display, the TV automatically adjust the brightness and contrast according to the lighting conditions of the room.

As usual, expect an extreme price tag, the Beovision 12 will be available in the Bang & Olufsen showrooms at the end of February for a recommended price of $19,749.00.

  • Designer: David Lewis Designers
  • Dimensions: 161 x 96.4 x 6.4 cm
  • Weigh: 68 kg

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