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Dual-mode wireless, wired iPhone headset patent filed by Apple
It looks like Apple might have some exciting new headsets in the works. According to the folks over at AppleInsider, Apple has filed for a patent on an iPhone Bluetooth headset. What makes it stand out from other Bluetooth headsets is its ability to connect to the iPhone to charge or function as a wired headset. This means that you won’t have to remember to bring your extra charger with […]

Mad Catz Kunai headset plays nice with Wii U, too
When it comes to video gaming, getting the right kind of hardware to go along with your gaming experience is essential in bringing the gameplay and involvement levels to the next level. After all, if you have a pair of crappy speakers on your TV, it is not going to do justice to the kind of audio work that the game’s developers have put in previously. Well, this is where […]

Genius HS-G700V Cavimanus Virtual 7.1 Channel Gaming Headset vibrates
If you thought 7.1 channel audio wasn’t enough to take your gaming experience to a whole new level, Genius has got a brand new headset for you. Called the HS-G700V Cavimanus (what a mouthful), it features 7.1 channel audio so you know exactly where the gunshots on the battlefield are coming from and respond quicker in team battles, and the ability to vibrate so you can experience more impactful explosions. […]

SteelSeries Siberia v2 Frost Blue Headset
[CES 2012] Look cool with the new SteelSeries Siberia v2 Frost Blue Headset, where wearing this might just psychologically lower the temperature in the room already, thanks to super-bright, blue LED lights that glow through the outer mesh grill on each earcup. Of course, the effect is more of one for viewers rather than the owner of the Siberia v2 Frost Blue itself – unless, of course, he or she […]


Sennheiser PC 320 gaming headset adjusts to your ears
[CES 2012] Sennheiser knows more than a thing or two about quality audio, and their latest release, the PC 320 gaming headset is the result of a collaboration between World Champion Counterstrike team mTw so that gamers can experience a new level of comfort and sound whenever they lay the gauntlet down over an online server. The innovative design of the Sennheiser PC 320 will make sure that air flows […]

Philips Uptown SHL5905 Headset
[CES 2012] The Philips Uptown SHL5905 headset is the top-of-the-line in the new Citiscape collection launched at CES by the European manufacturer. Designed for durability and elegance, it features large ear cushions made of heat-sealed soft foam and sturdy aluminum architecture construction.Thanks to its air-filled headband, the device is comfortable to wear and very light weight for its size.The technology labeled MusicSeal by Philips prevents the sound from spilling out […]

Philips Downtown SHL5605 Headset
[CES 2012] Philips unveiled its Citiscape Collection of stylish consumer headphones and headsets at CES. The Philips Downtown SHL5605 is the mid-range product in the lineup and personally is my favorite design-wise. Featuring comfortable a nicely crafted ear cushions and the MusicSteal technology that prevents the sounds to actually leak out and thus, ensure your music privacy when listening in public spaces such as planes or trains.Additionally, thanks to the […]

ASUS MS-100 USB speakers and HS-W1 wireless USB headset announced
ASUS has announced the launch of two new USB audio products – the MS-100 USB speakers and HS-W1 Wireless USB headset. Designed to work right out of the box, these USB audio accessories aim to enhance your listening experience on your laptop or computer.

SteelSeries 7H Fnatic Limited Edition headset
Just like how each of us have our favorite brand that we love to support, so too, do gamers and their never ending collection of hardware. After all, there are different kinds of hardware to suit various playing styles, not to mention the genres of games itself. SteelSeries has been a name that is right up there with the best of them, including Razer and Logitech, and their latest addition […]

Valkee headset shines light to dispel seasonal depression
It is common knowledge that our surroundings do affect us when it comes to our moods – and plenty of people do get depressed or feel generally down whenever the winter season sets in and gets a foothold of the situation. Well, there were light therapy situations in the past, but this time around we have another method of uplifting your mood through the use of the Valkee headset. This […]

Nokia partners with Monster to create Purity Stereo Headsets
While HTC has Beats, it looks like Nokia has a collaboration with an audio company of its own. Today the company announced that it has teamed up with engineers and designers at Monster to create the Nokia Purity Stereo Headsets by Monster. Designed for long-listening comfort and high performance, with funky looks to match, the in-ear headsets are featherweight, noise-isolating, and are touted to provide “an amazing music experience”.The Nokia […]

Jabra STREET2 is one stylish Bluetooth pendant
Jabra, a company known for its wireless headsets and accessories for smartphones has just announced the addition of yet another device to its hands-free kit lineup. Called the STREET2, this stylish Bluetooth device comes in the form of a dog-tag pendant that hangs around your neck. Users can then plug in their favorite headphones to enjoy their music and calls with the device.What’s special about the STREET2 is that it […]

Motorola announces ELITE SILVER and ELITE FLIP Bluetooth headsets
With the Motorola Droid RAZR/Spyder/HD expected to be announced on the 18th of October, perhaps you might want to get yourself a Bluetooth headset to go with it, and it just so happens that Motorola today has announced two new Bluetooth headsets in the form of the ELITE SILVER (pictured above) and ELITE FLIP (pictured below after the break).

Nokia Luna Bluetooth headset launched
Along with the Nokia 603 that was launched today, Nokia announced a brand new wireless Bluetooth headset called the Nokia Luna. And just like its previously launched Play 360 speakers, what sets the Nokia Luna Bluetooth headset from other wireless headsets is the fact that it is NFC-enabled. As part of a two-piece design, all users need to do is remove the top part of the headset from the base […]