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SmartDiagnosis CardiVu Contactless Heart Rate Monitoring
CardiVu is an accurate heart-rate monitoring app that works without having any sensor on your skin and blends transparently into your smartphone routine. We’ve looked at the latest version during CES 2020.

Scosche RHYTHM+ Heart Rate Monitor Announced
So, heart rate monitors are dime a dozen in the market at this point in time, so if you happen to be a fitness buff and are in the market for a brand new heart rate monitor, perhaps it would be prudent to consider Scosche’s RHYTHM+. The RHYTHM+ happens to be an armband heart monitor which is capable of optically measuring one’s blood flow as well as movement to keep […]

Basis Carbon Steel Edition with Advanced Sleep Analysis – hands-on video
[CES 2014] Basis B1, a $199 health tracker watch, was introduced to the market a little over a year. On Monday, Basis Science showed its new model at CES, the Basis Carbon Steel Edition with its new Advanced Sleep Analysis feature, which is accessible from the iOS and Android companion apps.Basis Carbon Steel edition features an elegant chassis with polished chrome details and a stretchable, silicone black strap. The Basis Health […]

The Owlet Baby Bootie Helps Monitor Your Baby's Vitals From Your Smartphone
Checking on your baby’s vitals can be a tedious job, especially if your little bundle of joy is outside of arm’s reach, or even worse, not even in the same room. Sure – you could install a baby monitor to see what your baby is up to, but wouldn’t you like to know your baby’s heart rate, oxygen levels and overall body temperature? Now you can be the overly protective […]


Pulse heart rate monitor is a thing of beauty
When it comes to medical devices such as hearing aids and heart rate monitors, most folks who use them would prefer a more discreet design, although some folks do not mind the world to know that they are wearing one. For folks who are not too comfortable divulging their medical condition to the general public, or want a trendy looking heart rate monitor during your workouts, the Pulse heart rate […]

Pyle GPS Sports Watch
Are you a fitness buff? The Pyle GPS Sports Watch (also known as the PSWGP405 if you have a penchant for model numbers) is one timepiece that you might want to take into consideration for your next accessory purchase. It is equipped with a 2.4 GHz digitally coded wireless Heart Rate Monitor (HRM) chest strap that will help you track your workout analysis, while collecting important information on your physical […]

Get fit with your Nokia N9
Been thinking for a long, long time about losing weight, but never really got around to do something about it? Well, if you so happen to have picked up a Nokia N9 recently, here is a tip – you might want to download the free Sports Tracker app to make sure you have concrete information on the details of your performance whenever you break a sweat on purpose, in addition […]

Wahoo Fitness Blue HR: world's first Bluetooth Smart Heart Rate monitor
There are a number Bluetooth heart rate monitors available on the market, but Wahoo Fitness claims to have created the world’s first Bluetooth Smart heart rate monitor. Called the Blue HR, it turns your smartphone into a device that is capable of giving you stats and details about your heart rate. Using Bluetooth technology, it transmits live readings to your paired up smartphone that’s in your pocket/bag, while the monitor […]

Gaiam Touch heart rate monitor from Oregon Scientific
Oregon Scientific has just announced the Gaiam Touch, a button-free, touchscreen heart rate monitor that is the first of its kind in the industry that delivers a hassle-free exercise session. Having picked up the prestigious International CES Innovations 2012 Design and Engineering Award in the Health & Wellness category, the Gaiam Touch will boast of fashion-forward colors that will not disappoint, not to mention coming in a comfortable, slim design […]

Cardiocam mirror displays heart rate
The next time you stand in front of your mirror at home, take a closer look at all the lines on your face, instead of concentrating only on whether your tie is properly put on or not. Do you think that the crow’s feet that appear out of nowhere are a surefire indication that you’re getting on in your age? If that’s the case, it might be better to go […]

FINIS AquaPulse Heart Rate Monitor helps you maximize your swim workout
FINIS, a company that specializes in technical swimming products ahs announced release of the new AquaPulse Heart Rate Monitor – an audible heart rate monitor for swimmers and water fitness enthusiasts. Designed for swimmers who want to get the most out of the work out, this helpful gadget lets them know how fast their heart is beating underwater.Swimmers simply attach the AquaPulse to their goggle strap, insert the clip to […]

New Balance Headphones Come With Heart Rate Monitor
Gym goers and fitness enthusiasts should be familiar around the concept of monitoring their heart rate. For those who aren’t familiar, monitoring your heart rate during a workout ensures that you stay within your target heart rate zone, which is important because while you are in that zone, it would allow you to exercise safely while ensuring you get the maximum benefits from your workout.

Bluetooth low energy heart rate monitor belt
The Nordic µBlue nRF8001 chip will be at the heart of this Bluetooth low energy heart rate monitor belt, where it is touted to be the first of its kind in the world, although we are not too sure just how valid that claim is. Being ready to go into volume production, this product ought to allow anyone with a smartphone that is equipped with the latest Bluetooth 4.0 version […]

60beat iPhone heart rate monitor
Name us something that the iPhone cannot do in the comments, and weigh against what it can do, before coming to your own conclusion on whether to purchase it or not. For sure it cannot stop global warming, but at least we now know it can also monitor your heart rate courtesy of the 60beat iPhone heart rate monitor. This app will log your heart rate and combine it with […]

Nike+ iPod heart rate monitor ready for June 1st release
Are you a health nut who absolutely must have your music whenever you go out on a run? Well, for those who carry their iPod with them wherever they go, news of the Nike+ iPod heart rate monitor ready to arrive in the market this coming June 1st ought to stoke your interest in running by upping it to another level. For folks living in the Great White North, it […]