FINIS AquaPulseFINIS, a company that specializes in technical swimming products ahs announced release of the new AquaPulse Heart Rate Monitor – an audible heart rate monitor for swimmers and water fitness enthusiasts. Designed for swimmers who want to get the most out of the work out, this helpful gadget lets them know how fast their heart is beating underwater.

Swimmers simply attach the AquaPulse to their goggle strap, insert the clip to their earlobe and start swimming. The AquaPulse makes use of infrared sensors to monitor the swimmer’s heart beat and lets keeps the swimmer informed audibly with Bone Conduction Technology. This means no ear buds, and no worries about having anything falling out when swimming rigorously.

The AquaPulse has a lithium-ion battery that can last from 5-8 hours depending on how you use it, and even has an instant heart rate button when you can’t wait for the next interval for your rate to be read. It is also rechargeable via a USB port, unfortunately there’s no way to store your stats to upload to a computer. The AquaPulse Heart Rate Monitor is now available online for $149.99. Swimming pool not included.

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