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DIY: Triple-rotor Helicopter
At a glance, this DIY tricopter looks quite similar to the Parrot AR Drone, but it’s not a commercial product. It’s currently in its 4th generation, and this DIY helicopter is quite cool, flying well, hovering and also performing some aerial acrobatics like loops and rolls. The frame is modeled with carbon fiber coated balsa wood, making it light and strong. It sports three gyroscopes and a dual-axis accelerometer for […]

Garmin flies high with G500H Helicopter Flight Display
When you mention Garmin, we wouldn’t be surprised if the GPS acronym were to pop up in your mind. Well, the company aims for something a whole lot higher this time round with the Garmin G500H Helicopter Flight Display that has just received approval from the FAA. This all-glass avionics system was specially designed for VFR Part 27 helicopters, where you can either view its display on the left or […]

HexaKopter offers new form factor
Just when you thought that you’ve seen all the remote controlled helicopters in town, along comes the HexaKopter – a 1.2kg, six-rotor device which is capable of staying in flight for slightly more than half an hour, toting around another 1kg of cargo with a high-definition camera to shoot amazing images from above. According to creator Holger Buss, the HexaKopter is a snap to fly, and is able to fulfill […]

DIY helicopter built with help of Internet
The Internet is truly a wondrous place to visit if you have the right intentions – take Chinese farmer Wu Zhongyuan who actually built this helicopter from ground up all by himself, relying on bits and pieces of middle school physics lessons as well as “relevant knowledge [found while] surfing the Internet via my mobile phone.” This single-seater DIY mode of transportation relies on Elm tree wood for its blades, […]


PD-100 Black Hornet
The PD-100 Black Hornet that you see here is touted to be the smallest video camera-equipped helicopter in the world. It tips the scales at a mere 15 grams, and comes with tiny rotor blades that measure just 10 centimeters. At maximum speed, it is able to hit its stride of a pretty impressive 20 mph in silence, although being a helicopter, it also boasts the ability to hover in […]