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Aston Martin Teams Up With Airbus To Launch A Special Helicopter
Airbus Corporate Helicopters and Aston Martin teamed up to reveal the ACH130 Aston Martin Edition helicopter today at Courchevel in the French Alps.This is meant to be a stylish high-performance helicopter for special customers worldwide.The ACH130 helicopter offers a range of four interior and exterior designs generated by Aston Martin – which looks to be darn impressive in the photos.Not just limited to the interior choice, but you also get […]

K-MAX Helicopter Now Used To Fight Fires
It is always nice to have more than just a single function or purpose when it comes to machines, as that would increase the level of efficiency of a particular machine. For instance, the robotic K-MAX medium lift helicopter has shown itself to be extremely effective in Afghanistan where throughout 33 months of war, the Marines managed to complete close to 2,000 cargo and supply sorties using a mere couple […]

RC Helicopters Allegedly Help Lady ‘Fly’
“I believe I can fly” must have been playing in the background or in the lady’s head, as she seems to have mastered the art of flying without hopping aboard an airborne vehicle like a plane or helicopter. Instead, it does seem as though she was part of an experiment that relied on a couple of super-powered RC helicopters that do depict the capability of churning up enough thrust so […]

New JSDF Helicopter Could Be Actual Transformer (Concept Art)
How many of you out there were exposed to the Transformers for the first time in your life through Michael Bay’s effort on the silver screen? Well, if you so happen to fall under that particular category, might I encourage you to check out the entire back history and story of the Transformers over the years so that you would not end up thinking that there is no such Transformer […]


First Texting While Flying Case Linked To Deadly Commercial Crash
Texting while driving may be two activities that we all can agree shouldn’t mix, especially if you’re driving a school bus or if you’re double-texting with a baby and drugs in your vehicle. But we think texting while flying is probably even more dangerous, especially now that such a case is being linked to a fatal crash.Back in 2011, an emergency medical helicopter flying over Missouri was found to be sending and […]

MeCam Quadcopter : The People's Drone
San Francisco based Always Innovating  is in the process of creating MeCam, a camera that will fly and follow you wherever you want to go. The MeCam is a quadcopter is fitted with a tiny digital camera and as such, it is be capable of taking pictures and capturing stabilized video, thanks to three different video algortihms. It will also have the option to upload the footage to smartphones as […]

Hirobo One-Man Helicopter Is Battery Powered
I don’t know about you, but if you were to stake my life by getting me on board a one-man helicopter that runs on just battery power alone, I would think more than just twice. After all, electric power for helicopters is still in its infancy, and is anything goes awry, it would mean I would have regretted not taking flying lessons from the birds that regularly stop by my […]

Gamera human-powered helicopter can hover for almost a minute, poised to win Sikorsky Prize
Students from the University of Maryland were able to successfully hover its human-powered helicopter. The Gamera is a pedal-powered helicopter that hopes to win the AHS Sikorsky Prize. In honor of helicopter pioneer Igor Sikorsky, the AHS Sikorsky Prize will award a $250,000 to teams who can build and fly a helicopter that’s completely powered by a human. The project started last summer when its Gamera I was able to […]

Dead pet cat turned into flying helicopter
Is it me, or are strange stuff starting to appear right above our heads in more recent times? First, we talked about a scaled down version of a helicopter that has been placed upside down right on your ceiling, where four of its rotor blades eventually end up with the upside down helicopter functioning as a ceiling fan. Right now, an artist decided to make the best out of a […]

ShadowHawk helicopter tases targets from above
Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) that carry weapons are not just meant for the baddies in the war zone – they will soon see action in local airspace, although the form of the UAV would be very different from the models that you see in the theater of war. We’re talking about the ShadowHawk helicopters that pack personal stun guns, 12-gauge shotguns and even grenade launchers. Measuring a good 7′ in […]

iPhone-controlled Griffin HELO TC Helicopter now available
It looks like you and your kids won’t have much trouble looking for a remote-controlled helicopter toy this season. After iRemoco announced that its copters are now on sale, it looks like Griffin has decided to follow suit as well. Supposed to be available only later this year, it looks like Griffin has decided to bring forward the release date of its iOS device-controlled HELO TC Helicopter.

iRemoco iPhone-controlled helicopter now on sale
After successfully funding its first batch of iPhone-controlled helicopters, and shipping them out to over 200 backers of its Kickstarter project, the folks over at iRemoco are now making the iRemoco helicopter available to the public. The company has just launched its online store today, and for around $99, you can get your hands on your very own iRemoco helicopter as well.

Shadowhawk mini-copter is an RC copter to be feared
When somebody mentions a remote controlled helicopter, “lethal” is probably one of the last things that will come to mind.  But if you’re staring at the Shadowhawk, you’ll probably be thinking other wise. After three years of development, the folks over at Vanguard Defense have released the Shadowhawk helicopter – a remote controlled helicopter that shoots stun batons, shotgun shells or grenades at bad guys.

Pilot does insane tricks with a helicopter
If you thought that helicopters can only be agile when they are remote controlled toys, this news report will make you think again. A bored helicopter pilot in Siberia seemed to have run out of things to do and spent his time mastering the helicopter. After reaching a level of mastery that most people can only dream of, he invited a news crew to film him perform some incredible stunts […]

Eurocopter EC145 Benz-inspired luxury helicopter flies you around in style
Eurocopter first unveiled the EC145 Mercedes-Benz style multi-purpose helicopter concept last year at the European Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition (EBACE) in Geneva. And now, after a year of hard work, Eurocopter has completed work on the helicopter and is ready to take to the skies. Inspired by Mercedes-Benz this helicopter is an embodiment of style in the air.

Sikorsky X2 Raider attack helicopter
Remember Airwolf (and its rival TV series, Blue Thunder back in the 1980s)? Well, fiction might have just become fact at last, with the Sikorsky X2 Raider attack helicopter being prepared for action at the moment. Touted to be almost as silent as the fictional Airwolf itself, it will not only carry troops, but tote around a cache of weapons at extreme altitude as well. Boasting a cruise mode that […]

KOAX X-240 helicopter design hails from Switzerland
Check out this conceptual KOAX X-240 helicopter from Swiss designers. Coming in the all-white shade, it looks super sleek regardless of your viewing angle. You won’t be able to go out for a joyride on this since it will be an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). Boasting a co-axial rotor system, it will be able to retain most of an actual helicopter’s capabilities without sacrificing on its small size. The fuselage […]

Military helicopters laser systems that offer missile protection
Boffins at the University of Michigan are currently working on laser systems that aim to deliver protection for military helicopters from heat-seeking missiles. These lasers are not of the Star Wars variety where they shoot down the missiles – no sir, instead, they will jam incoming missiles’ sensors to blind them. While this isn’t the first time such technology is used for a purpose as this, it seems to work […]

Laser Powered Helicopter Paves The Way For Space Elevators
There’s something about lasers that seems to appeal to everybody, and now LaserMotive has managed to use a few watts of laser power to keep a 22-gram model helicopter hovering for about an hour. While we can easily think of all sorts of mischief that can be done if we had a more powerful laser, LaserMotive’s goal is to power space elevators to lift objects into orbit. Such a move […]

Dragonfly helicopter runs on hydrogen
We took a look at an electric-powered helicopter earlier this morning, and here’s one that runs on water – yes, can you believe it? The Dragonfly relies on hydrogen peroxide that has been diluted to around 50% to 70%, where it will then power the 8″ long motors that generate around 102hp of power, allowing the Dragonfly to create enough lift for itself and a passenger. As for emissions, only […]