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Robots Can Now Ask For Computational Help Via Web-based Database
Robots have a tough life as it is considering the majority of them have to listen to our dumb orders all day long that have them performing mundane tasks like cutting up large logs to produce some stools. We’re sure there are times robots have no idea what is going on, but thanks to a new web-based database called Rapyuta, they can probably learn what exactly a toilet is used for.A […]

Apple offers free repairs for products damaged in the Japan disasters
Even though it’s been awhile since the Japan disasters, efforts to help out the country and to improve its citizens’ lives haven’t ceased. Folks still need their homes repaired, equipment fixed and or replaced. While most companies are involved by having fundraising events where the money made is sent to the Red Cross society, Apple is taking a different approach to the situation.Instead of just offering money like any other […]

REEM-H2, the humanoid service robot
The REEM-H2, a humanoid robot that made its debut at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Complex awhile ago will be a lot more common in the future. After being impressed with its performance, the United Arab Emirates has ordered another twenty units that will be placed in shopping malls and public areas around the city. The 165cm tall robot from Pal Robotics travels at a speed of up to 5km/h […]

Be careful of fake Japan relief websites
The Internet Crime Complaint Center has just issued an alert to users, warning them about fraudulent Japan relief websites that have been sprouting up all over the internet ever since the terrible earthquake and tsunami last week. Heartless fraudsters have setup more than 1.7 million malware pages, 419 scam sites and 50+ fake domains with “Japan tsunami” or “Japan earthquake” in their URLs. These fake sites have been used to […]


Equipois x-Ar exoskeleton makes repetitive tasks easier
Equipois, a company that specializes in creating tools that help users to lift heavy objects has recently come up with a new product called the x-Ar. The x-Ar is an exoskeletal arm support system that lets users move their arms freely without fatigue or injury and with greater efficiency and control. It basically turns the most tedious and repetitive tasks you perform on a daily basis into something effortless to […]

Google Person Finder for 2011 Japan Earthquake
In light of yesterday and today’s earthquakes in Japan, Google has launched a new version of its Person Finder service to help people locate friends and family who have been caught in the natural disasters. The website is basically a directory and message board for people to post that they are looking for loved ones or to post notes to let people know that they are safe. First used in […]

Facebook now has a suicide help system
Ever since “Facebook suicides” have started becoming a “trend”, the social networking service has decided to step in to help. In case you haven’t heard, people have been using Facebook to post their suicide notes and final messages before taking their lives. Usually during the days leading up to the suicide, those people usually post depressing status updates or links on their page to garner some attention before committing suicide. […]

Helmet face shield does its bit to reduce troop brain injuries
While our brave young men and women protect the interests of the US at home and abroad, they are often exposed to dangers from outside. Well, you can never quite tell which civilian has a home made bomb tied around his or her body, and neither can you foretell whether there is a sniper from afar ready to pull the trigger. What we can do is, make sure our army […]