Robots have a tough life as it is considering the majority of them have to listen to our dumb orders all day long that have them performing mundane tasks like cutting up large logs to produce some stools. We’re sure there are times robots have no idea what is going on, but thanks to a new web-based database called Rapyuta, they can probably learn what exactly a toilet is used for.

A team of European scientists created Rapyuta in order to describe objects robots have met as well to help carry out complicated computations for robots. Think of it as a Wikipedia specifically for robots. The creators of Rapyuta hope their web-based database will help make make robots cheaper to produce as they won’t need to be equipped with powerful processors as long as they have access to their database.

For example, a robot would need to perform a number of complicated computations in order to perform tasks humans would consider simple like navigating a room or understanding human speech. The Rapyuta database would help robots to compute that information and deliver the results.

We didn’t think robots had that tough of a time with their computations, but we guess anything to help our butler robot know we like our mid-afternoon lattes scolding hot is a good thing.

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