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Hyatt Regency Hong Kong Provides Guests With Free Smartphone During Their Stay
When traveling overseas and if you want to stay in contact with your friends and family back home, there’s always the option of roaming, although it does get pretty expensive. An alternative would be to get a local SIM card but in the case of some carriers that locked the SIMs on their phones, this might pose a problem as well.Well if you’re ever in Hong Kong, perhaps the Hyatt […]

Apple ticked off by an early new iPad review?
It looks like a Hong Kong magazine has managed to ruffle the feathers of the world’s largest tablet maker, Apple. According to reports online, the folks at a Hong Kong tech magazine called PCM managed to get their hands on a retail version of the new iPad and put up an exclusive review of the tablet before its official launch. Not long after the review went online, the magazine reportedly […]

Samsung Nexus Prime launch pushed to the 19th?
We know that the launch of the Nexus Prime and Ice Cream Sandwich has been pushed back but there hasn’t been any official word about when the event has been postponed to. Well, according to the folks at Engadget who received some inside information from a tipster – the launch of the Nexus Prime/Google Ice Cream Sandwich has been scheduled for October 19th – next week.The event will supposedly be […]

Hong Kong Apple store opens early
We did report a couple a days ago that Apple intends to create even more awareness as well as marketing buzz about the iPhone 5 in China by opening up new stores in Hong Kong and Shanghai, but who would have thought that Cupertino would move so fast? Slashing a few days off the originally intended September 24th opening date of the Hong Kong flagship store, this particular retail store […]


Pocketbook A10 Android tablet/e-reader announced
With so many tablets available in the market these days, competition is at its peak and variety is always welcome, and it looks like Hong Kong-based MNC Pocketbook International will be entering the fray with their A10 Android tablet/e-reader, which is the successor to their IQ 701.

iPad 2s and iPhone 4s smuggled into Hong Kong in a creative way
Love or hate Apple, you’ve got to admit that they create insanely popular products that seem to blend extremely clever marketing and innovative products, which is why it’s really not surprising to find out that there are people out there who have been creating fake Apple products or attempting to smuggle them into the country and making a quick and tidy profit. While the concept of smuggling isn’t exactly new, […]

Hong Kong karaoke bar makes creative use of Microsoft Surface
Red Mr in Hong Kong is the first karaoke establishment in the world that allows their customers to have a field day with the Microsoft Surface, putting to shame those folks who are so proud of their iPads that they think it is the next best thing since sliced bread. In fact, the karaoke company has purchased at least 60 units of Microsoft Surface for their newest branches, hoping to […]

PSI Tower skyscraper smart enough to adapt itself to weather and light conditions
The PSI Tower skyscraper is one interesting idea conceived by British Hong Kong-based designer Michael Young, where this conceptual office complex complete with luxury apartments will target business users and executives while overlooking the Kowloon district. This project which is based visually on the essence of ancient Chinese building techniques, will feature a multi-faceted surface which can change according to weather and light conditions. Basically, tts hexagon-studded shape will feature […]

Google Redirects China Users To
It seems that the war between Google and the Chinese Government has stepped up a notch, after Google decided to redirect users from its domain to its uncensored (Hong Kong) instead. The search results will still be affected thanks to China’s Great Firewall, but it does become more obvious to the masses that the government is filtering search results. Now it seems that China Mobile might be scrapping […]