We did report a couple a days ago that Apple intends to create even more awareness as well as marketing buzz about the iPhone 5 in China by opening up new stores in Hong Kong and Shanghai, but who would have thought that Cupertino would move so fast? Slashing a few days off the originally intended September 24th opening date of the Hong Kong flagship store, this particular retail store has been proven to be one of Apple’s most elaborate arrangements to date.


The second floor will be mostly bisected by the signature glass spiral staircase and elevator, and there is liberal use of glass here, while the bottom is mostly sealed up by steel, wide doorways, and of course, “sweets” for your eyes known as ads. While this is not Apple’s largest store, it could probably be one of the most expensive to run if you take into account how it operates from one of the most expensive retail properties in the world.

Do you think opening up this store would bring about greater awareness of Apple’s products in Hong Kong, considering how the city is so well developed and is nowhere lagging behind other major cities in terms of technology and its use?

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