Someone should do some research on just which smartphone has seen the most operating systems ported over to it, and I am quite sure that the venerable HTC HD2 is one of the frontline runners. After all, when it comes to the HTC HD2, the adage of “anything is possible” seems to be hackers’ main mantra. Case in point, the HTC HD2 has now been caught in the wild running Windows RT, of all operating systems.

In fact, it was not too long ago that we saw the HTC HD2 receive a port of Windows Phone 8, and now hacker Cotulla (from the Dark Forces Team) is said to have successfully gotten a UEFI implementation to run on the HTC HD2, followed by having the tablet-centric OS, Windows RT, to boot on the device. Needless to say, there is not much sense in getting a tablet operating system to run on a smartphone due to the screen limitation, but at least it shows the world that it can be done. Don’t expect all the hardware to work just fine though, as there are bound to be gimped bits and pieces here and there.

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