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Sprint Releases HTC One A9 Nougat Update
Google may have released Android 7.0 Nougat back in 2016 but OEMs are taking their sweet time in bringing this update to their devices. The wait is extended even more so if you happen to own a device that’s locked to a particular carrier because in that case you have to wait for the carrier to get done with its testing as well. The HTC One A9 on Sprint has […]

HTC One A9 Nougat Update Release Due Tonight
HTC may have stopped rolling out the Android 7.0 Nougat update for the HTC 10 in select markets across the globe, there’s good news for those who own the unlocked HTC One A9. It has been confirmed today by HTC executive Mo Versi that the HTC One A9 Nougat update release will start tonight.

HTC One A9s Leaked, Likely Takes Inspiration From iPhone
HTC came out with a new mid-range handset last year which at first glance looked quite similar to the iPhone. The HTC One A9 has been around for a while now and it’s time for the handset to receive an upgrade. A picture of the HTC One A9s has been leaked online and the successor appears to take even more inspiration from the iPhone. Even the name itself – the […]

HTC Confirms Android Nougat For The HTC 10, One M9, One A9
Yesterday Google confirmed that Android N will be known as Nougat. The update is expected to be released later this year where it will naturally make its way onto Nexus devices first. That leaves the question of which non-Nexus devices will be eligible for the update, and more importantly when will the update be released?


HTC One A9 Update Gives It Quick Charge 3.0 Support
These days we are starting to see more OEMs include larger batteries in their devices that go above the 3,000mAh mark, which is why when HTC launched the HTC One A9 with its 2,150mAh battery, safe to say that many were a bit surprised and a little disappointed by how small the battery size is.

Unlocked HTC One A9 Won’t Be Supported By Verizon
The HTC One A9 is an interesting device, not so much because of its specs, but because its design seems to herald a new direction in which the company appears to be headed towards. Now it was initially expected that the handset would work with Verizon, but unfortunately that no longer appears to be the case.

Marshmallow Update For HTC One M9, One A9 Has Been Released
About a fortnight back Mo Versi of HTC had confirmed via Twitter that the company will release Marshmallow for a couple of its handsets before the year ends, and it was later confirmed that the HTC One M9 and the unlocked HTC One A9 would receive said update. The company has followed through on its promise and has now started rolling out Android 6.0 for the unlocked One M9 and […]

AT&T HTC One A9 Picks Up December Security Update
It looks like good things do indeed come to those who wait, and the AT&T variant of the HTC One A9 smartphone has begun to pick up its December security update for the past couple of days already. Apparently, this particular update’s introduction to HTC One A9 owners who are rocking to AT&T should have kicked off already, according to HTC’s Mo Versi sharing via Twitter that you can read […]

AT&T Confirms HTC One A9 Launch For November 6
AT&T has made several announcements today covering smartphones and smartwatches, the latest announcement has to do with HTC’s newest flagship device the HTC One A9. AT&T has now confirmed that the HTC One A9 will be available for purchase starting November 6th, the very same date that it’s going to release the BlackBerry Priv, BlackBerry’s first Android-powered smartphone.