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iCADE 8-Bitty from ThinkGeek unveiled
The Toy Fair 2012 sees ThinkGeek’s latest addition to their stable of weird and interesting gadgets – the iCADE 8-Bitty. After all, ThinkGeek knows that many folks out there already tote around a smartphone or tablet device, be they running on the Android or iOS platforms, and gaming is one of the favorite apps that people download for their devices. Having said that, a touchscreen display is not exactly the […]

NES controller plays iCade games on the iPad
If you love retro gaming on your iPad, you’ve probably wished for a physical controller to play games with instead using the touchscreen on the tablet. And if you have, what better way to do it than to use some authentic retro controllers like the one from the NES? Paul Rickards, a self-professed tinkerer, did just that; when he accidentally discovered that it was possible (he was playing around with […]

iCade Core announced
[CES 2012] iCade made quite a splash as the arcade cabinet for your iPad, and here we are with a more streamlined version this time around where the iCade Core is concerned. Still delivering the very same authentic, arcade-style joystick and button layout for intense non-stop gaming sessions, the iCade Core enables iPad owners to go up against their mates, throw retro-gaming parties and achieve their highest scores to date […]

iMAME4All now includes support for the iCade
For those who are unfamiliar with the iCade, it started off as an April Fools joke by the guys at ThinkGeek, but due to the overwhelming demand for the gadget to be made a reality, ThinkGeek decided to put it into a production and set it for a May 2011 release. Now thanks to iMAME4All, who has decided to add experimental support for the iCade, retro arcade gamers and emulation […]


iCADE iPad Arcade Cabinet prepped for May 2011 release
We know that the iCADE iPad Arcade Cabinet is real, and holds the distinction of being one of the rare few devices or ideas from ThinkGeek that actually made the jump from being a concept to the real deal. This device has already arrived at the FCC, which obviously pointed towards it being prepared for a release to the mass market very soon, and we aren’t disappointed with the news […]

iCade goes through FCC testing
Walking through the halls of the Las Vegas Convention Center at CES 2011 earlier this year, we managed to spot something that would turn your gaming experience on the iPad even more immersive – the iCade arcade cabinet from Ion Audio. While there was no definite release date back then, here we are with a glimpse of it under the FCC’s microscope, which means it is being prepared for a […]

iCADE is now a reality
[CES 2011] Guess dreams do come true after all for some people, right? What was originally a prank idea has been turned into reality, thanks to the people at Ion. We’re talking about the iCADE arcade cabinet that will specially house the iPad, turning it into an authentic, arcade-style cabinet complete with the usual joystick and eight arcade buttons to have you gaming almost right out of the box. Hopefully […]

iCade iPad Arcade Cabinet Concept
Do you think your iPad would make a great gaming device? Apparently the folks over at ThinkGeek think so too, as they’ve come up with the iCade concept accessory. It’s actually an arcade cabinet for your iPad, allowing you to slide in your iPad, docking it on the iCade, giving it traditional arcade controllers, and making the whole setup resemble the arcade machines from your younger days. Once docked, launch […]