[CES 2012] iCade made quite a splash as the arcade cabinet for your iPad, and here we are with a more streamlined version this time around where the iCade Core is concerned. Still delivering the very same authentic, arcade-style joystick and button layout for intense non-stop gaming sessions, the iCade Core enables iPad owners to go up against their mates, throw retro-gaming parties and achieve their highest scores to date with a greater degree of usability. Boasting a specially designed cradle, you can load and unload the iPad safely, while delivering a secure fit so that the most pressure-intensive moments won’t rock the iPad out of place. You can swivel it to either portrait or landscape orientations, depending on the situation, and it will hook up to the iPad via Bluetooth so that there is one less pesky cable to worry about. Expect the iCade Core to hit the market sometime later this year, but we don’t have pricing information just yet. Hopefully more light can be shed in due time.

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