We know that the iCADE iPad Arcade Cabinet is real, and holds the distinction of being one of the rare few devices or ideas from ThinkGeek that actually made the jump from being a concept to the real deal. This device has already arrived at the FCC, which obviously pointed towards it being prepared for a release to the mass market very soon, and we aren’t disappointed with the news that has just broken – the $99.99 iCADE will ship by May 20th, so you might want to make a dash for it and place a pre-order.

The iCADE iPad Arcade Cabinet from ThinkGeek is special since it will exclusively feature the original retro April Fools graphics – now that’s a winner in anybody’s books, especially since you will be paying a similar amount for it as with the standard version, so expect this to sell like hot cakes and go for a slight premium (keeping our fingers crossed here) in time when the iCADE’s production run is halted.

Of course, getting this without Atari’s 100 Greatest Hits would be somewhat akin to having a double cheeseburger without the cheese – it just isn’t right at all. You would do well to invest in proper software to go along with the hardware…

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