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Tablet Shipments Fall For The Eighth Quarter Straight
Things aren’t looking too good for the global tablet market. It has actually been in a constant state of decline for the past eight quarters and the situation has remained the same in the third quarter of this year. Latest figures from market research firm IDC show that the global tablet market saw a 14.7 percent year-over-year decline in Q3 2016. No major tablet vendor was able to ship 10 […]

Apple Stays Ahead As Tablet Shipments Declined By 14.7% In Q1 2016
Market research firm IDC has shared the latest numbers on the tablet market and once again it’s a story of declining demand. The numbers show that tablet shipments were down 14.7 percent in the first quarter of this year when compared to the same time last year. Despite the decline, Apple remains the leader in the global tablet market.

IDC Survey: iPad Continues To Lose Market Share
All good things must come to an end, and what goes up must come down. This is the eternal law which cannot be broken, and as though it is a portent of things to come, Apple’s stock price has dropped from its dizzying heights some time after Tim Cook helmed the company, which could be said to be a “prophecy” of what is to come. IDC has just released its […]

Android May Lead Tablet Market Share in 2013 [IDC]
With less-than-rosy economic outlook, shoppers are being more concerned with their dollars. Therefore, it is not surprising to see that many are voting for smaller and cheaper tablets. According to market research firm IDC, this may move Google’s Android ahead of Apple’s iOS by a small margin for the first time in the tablet market as the popularity of 7 to 8 inches tablets increases.


Android And iOS Capture 91.1% Global Market Share
IDC has released its the latest numbers that it has gathered about the smartphone industry, and they show that Android and iOS have captured a combined 91.1% mobile operating system market share. While we all knew that they both accounted for the large majority of the market, the number remind us how much of an uphill battle it is for competitors like Windows Phone, Blackberry, Ubuntu mobile, Firefox OS and […]

Developers starting to show more interest in Windows Phone
Not too long ago we reported that Nokia had plans to attract developers over onto the Windows Phone platform, and according to a recent survey done by IDC and Appcelerator (a mobile app development vendor), it looks like Nokia’s strategy to ally themselves with Microsoft is paying off albeit slowly.

IDC predicts Windows Phone will overtake iOS market share by 2015
For the surprising news of the week, it appears that the IDC has some interesting predictions to share. According to their team of researchers and analysts, they see Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform overtaking iOS’s market share by the year 2015. They believe that the worldwide smartphone market will grow almost 50% this year (49.2% to be exact) and Apple’s iOS will only make up for 15.7% of that share while […]

IDC says Android to keep its lead till 2015
IDC has looked into their crystal ball, and have come up with a rather interesting prediction – that Google’s Android operating system will be able to maintain their lead until 2015, although Microsoft’s Windows Phone will pip the iPhone to second place. Android should be able to chomp up 39.5% this year but experience modest gains four years down the road, while Nokia’s Windows Phone switch might end up reversing […]