Not too long ago we reported that Nokia had plans to attract developers over onto the Windows Phone platform, and according to a recent survey done by IDC and Appcelerator (a mobile app development vendor), it looks like Nokia’s strategy to ally themselves with Microsoft is paying off albeit slowly.In terms of app development, developers have not too surprisingly expressed great interest in both iOS and Android, with 91% developers voting for iOS, while 83% voting for Android. Microsoft’s Windows Phone on the other hand sits at a mere 38%, and the disparity might seem huge at first, but we have to take into consideration that back in June, Microsoft’s Windows Phone was sitting on only 30%, so with the increase of 8%, and with RIM dropping to 21%, Windows Phone is now the third favorite mobile platform for developers to develop on.

This jump in 8% may be due to the Microsoft/Nokia partnership, which probably gave developers confidence that the partnership would translate into market share. Also, the Lumia Windows Phone 7.5 smartphone has reportedly received pretty high marks from developers.

Of course this survey shouldn’t be taken as the definitive guide to the popularity of mobile platforms, but given that the survey is conducted four times a year, it is definitely something worth taking a look at.

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