ipad-review-2012-04All good things must come to an end, and what goes up must come down. This is the eternal law which cannot be broken, and as though it is a portent of things to come, Apple’s stock price has dropped from its dizzying heights some time after Tim Cook helmed the company, which could be said to be a “prophecy” of what is to come. IDC has just released its June quarter survey results for tablet shipments, and the data showed the iPad to be losing its market share to Android as well as a small number of Windows devices.

This would mean that IDC’s results are more or less consistent with Strategy Analytic’s survey which was released last week, where iPads were also touted to have its once mammoth market share chipped away by Android and Windows-powered tablets. Of course, one might have to take this survey results with a pinch of salt for two reasons – firstly, this is just a survey, so the variance might run quite a bit, and secondly, no concrete numbers from other vendors are available, as only Apple themselves are the ones to report unit and revenue numbers for tablets. The rest are just guesstimates at best. Do you think that Apple’s iPad is actually losing market share, or is it just a perception issue?

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