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iLuv Unveils Selfy Cases For The iPhone And Samsung Galaxy Handsets
Taking group photos can be a challenge if there is no one to hold the camera and take the photo for you. In some instances this means leaving the camera on a timer, rushing back to the group, and posing and hoping that it takes the photo properly. It does take some practice but we suppose there are more convenient ways.Well iLuv is here to help you solve that with […]

iLuve Announces TimeShaker Alarm Clock Dock With Detachable Shaker Unit
There are probably a good many of you guys out there who are heavy sleepers, and the mere sound of an alarm will not be enough to get you up and ready for the rest of the day. Well accessory maker, iLuv, has announced a new alarm clock which might be of interest to the heavy sleeper, or for the sleeper who wouldn’t mind the added security. Dubbed the TimeShaker, […]

iLuv announces ArtStation Pro for Samsung Galaxy tablets
iLuv has typically made products such as speaker docks for iOS devices, such as for the iPad and the iPhone. Well perhaps in an attempt at showing Android some love and broadening their customer base, iLuv has announced what they’re claiming is the “world’s first” audio dock for Samsung Galaxy tablets.

iLuv iMM155 Vibro II iPhone/iPad alarm clock docking station
If you’re not the type that wakes up to noise (i.e. someone calling your name, alarm, phone calls, etc), but instead prefer to be shaken awake, iLuv might have something for you in the form of the iMM155 Vibro II iPhone/iPod Alarm Clock docking station, which is part of iLuv’s Vibro series of digital alarm clock docks.


iLuv announces a whole range of Samsung Galaxy Tab and Galaxy S2 accessories
If you’re looking for some accessories to go with your brand new Galaxy S2 phone or Galaxy Tab 10.1 and Tab 8.9 tablet, you’re in luck. Mobile accessory manufacturer, iLuv Creative Technology has announced a partnership extension with Samsung to bring a whole bunch of new accessories for Samsung’s flagship Android products. Ranging from audio accessories, cases, films and power solutions – you can find all you need to dress […]

iLuv unveils new series of WorkStation accessories for the iPad 2
iLuv, a company that is well known for putting out iOS accessories has unveiled several new iPad 2 accessories, such as the iMM737 “The WorkStation” and the iLuv iMM517 WorkStation Pro, with the former sporting a wired keyboard and a posable mount, while the latter makes use of a Bluetooth keyboard and will feature a speaker dock as well.

iLuv iEP322 City Lights in-ear headphones
iLuv knows that they have quite a presence in the iDevice accessory market, and they intend to take that momentum further with another release known as the iEP322 City Lights in-ear headphones. Headphones are very personal items, and most folks won’t switch from over-the-ear models to in-ear versions just like that, but for folks who prefer the latter category, check out what iLuv has on offer. Coming in seven brilliant […]

iLuv iSP210 MusicPac Portable Stereo Speaker Case for iPads of both generations
If you happen to rock to an iPad or its successor, then you would surely have been introduced to the world of iPad accessories a long, long time ago. For those who are looking for something slightly different, then perhaps you might be interested in picking up the iLuv iSP210 MusicPac? This is, after all, a portable stereo speaker case for your precious tablet, helping deliver protection as well as […]

iLuv iSP10 is a iPad 2 speaker case
It was only yesterday we reported on iLuv’s speaker dock for the iPad which resembled a desktop computer, and now we have another iLuv product for the iPad in the shape of the iSP210 Portable Stereo Speaker Case. Speaker cases aren’t exactly new, but the difference in this speaker case is that iLuv seems to have managed to closely copy some of the colors found on the smart covers Apple […]

iLuv's ArtStation Pro iPad speaker dock looks like a computer
When it comes to speaker docks for iOS devices, apart from a handful of really unique ones, they all pretty much look the same. iLuv’s ArtStation Pro is looking to be one of those really unique ones as its design has made its pairing with the iPad truly something out of the ordinary.

iLuv to showcase new accessories at CES 2011
[CES 2011] iLuv, a company accessory provider will be showcasing its brand new line of upcoming products at CES 2011 this week. The new line of accessories is designed for Apple’s iOS products and will boost their functionality as well as usability. First up we have the iEP525 audio earphone designed for iPads, iPhones and iPods. These sound-isolating earphones call comes with an inline remote that can be used to […]

iLuv i1166 portable media player
Are you not sold on the Apple iPad? Well, if you want a portable media player of a different kind, then you might be interested to check out the iLuv i1166. It comes with a built-in 8.9″ widescreen TFT LCD display which will pop open, revealing a DVD player and if that is not enough, there is also an iPod dock as well. Just in case you don’t have any […]

iLuv iMM190 AppStation Is Now Available
The winner of the 2010 CES Innovations and Design award, the iLuv iMM190 App Station, is now available for $89.99. If you’re wondering what this is, it’s an iPhone and iPod speaker dock that allows you to dock an iPhone or iPod touch in a vertical or horizontal position for watching movies, listening to music, as well as charging your iPhone at the same time. The thing that sets it […]

iLuv iMM178 shakes your bed to help you wake up
We’ve seen many iPhone as well as iPod-ready alarm clock radios to date, but this one from iLuv is slightly different. The iMM178 sports a “bed shaker” pod which will vibrate to wake you up from your slumber just in case Slipknot playing in the background at full blast isn’t quite enough to help you open your sleepy eyes. The iMM178 is touted to have one of the widest-ranging alarm […]

iLuv iMM183 ships
It has taken a few months after the original unveiling to ship the $150 iLuv iMM183, where this clock radio is well capable of charging (and offer playback of) up to two iPhones or iPods simultaneously. While this isn’t exactly something new in the market, the clock radio is also full well capable of letting you know of current weather conditions outside as well as in the near future thanks […]

iLuv iMM9400 Vertical 4CD/MP3 Hi-Fi Audio System
iLuv has rolled out its iMM9400 Vertical 4CD/MP3 Hi-Fi Audio System, and although many people have already moved on to the world of MP3s, there is still a huge bunch out there who have their CD collection intact, which is why this 4-CD system also comes with an iPhone dock (that works with the latest iPhone 3G S and most iPods), an SD memory card slot and a USB port […]

iLuv Alarm Clock iPod Dock
iLuv has released its latest alarm clock iPod dock that is touted to wake up even the deepest sleepers. Known as the iMM153, it will be equipped with a bed shaker that will include a buzzer, a radio station or music preloaded via users’ iPhones and iPods. The LCD display comes with 10 dimmer settings (that’s a fair bit come to think about it) alongside a 3.5mm aux input jack. […]